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- No Such Person Exists
- JAG Assistance
- Where to File
- Military Money Issues

There are No Military Divorce Lawyers
Each military base has lawyers that can provide guidance in some situations, but there is no such person as a Jacksonville military divorce attorney. There is no such person anywhere, period. The way for a military member to get an attorney is to look online or on television. He should obtain names of civilian divorce lawyers and then go through the steps of choosing the right one for his situation. These include asking other service persons who have been divorced which lawyer they chose and checking with paralegals who work in local law offices.

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Judge Advocate General
Every military base has a Judge Advocate General whose job it is to provide legal advice to a service member. Because a Jacksonville military divorce lawyer does not exist, the JAG is the person a sailor must discuss his divorce with. The JAG is required to give advice, but he does not have to provide a great deal of it. That’s what the base’s legal aid station is for. Here, there are legal experts who can help prepare documents and clarify any issues a soldier might have, at no cost.

Filing the Divorce Petition
All 50 states have their own residency laws that govern where a military person can file a divorce petition. A Jacksonville military divorce attorney can find out what his client’s status is. Generally, one of the spouses has to reside in a state for 90 days in order to file the petition in that state. Some of the states, such as Texas, will allow military members to file in that state even if they don’t intend to reside there when their tour is done.

Military Financial Concerns
Military retirement pay is divided at the discretion of the family court judge in the state the divorce petition is filed in. When it comes to child support, a Jacksonville military divorce lawyer can obtain the forms necessary for his client to fill out. Some states take both parents’ income into consideration when determining the amount of child support; others base it on the non-custodial parent’s wages.

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