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Miller Roofing Contractors Publishes Two Exclusive New Commercial Roofing Guides

New guides provide accessible introductions to spray polyurethane foam and the use of elastomeric coatings to extend lifetime of membrane roofs, Miller Roofing Contractors reports


Utica, OH -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/01/2015 -- Miller Roofing Contractors, one of central Ohio's top commercial roofing specialists, published two new online guides to common commercial roofing options. The first new guide is available at and covers the application and advantages of Conklin's spray polyurethane foam system, particularly as installed with the cutting-edge Spraybot application system.

The second new guide, now online at, provides an introduction to the use of elastomeric membrane coating treatments as a way of shoring up and extending the lifetimes of older, worn membrane roofs. As a Conklin independent business owner, Miller Roofing Contractor regularly helps clients throughout central Ohio take advantage of the latest in commercial roofing technology.

"A commercial roof in good working order will attract little attention, simply doing its job without any fuss," Miller Roofing Contractor founder and owner Daniel E. Miller said, "The fact is that a lot of cutting-edge technology and hard work goes into making that happen, though. We're happy to be able to provide some accessible insights into these matters with efforts like our two new online guides. We think anyone for whom commercial roofing is important will benefit from reading them."

With far larger footprints than is typical of single-family residential structures, commercial buildings rarely feature the steeply sloping roofs common on the former. Instead, most commercial buildings are topped with relatively or entirely flat roofs that, while practical, do not naturally shed rainwater the way peaked ones do. This basic fact means that commercial roofing entails an entirely different set of approaches and challenges than are usual in residential construction.

For nearly thirty years, Miller Roofing Contractors has been one of central Ohio's leading experts on this demanding style of roofing construction, maintenance, and repair. Working closely with every client to find the roofing solution that will best suit their unique needs and budgets, the company's specialists are highly trained and well-versed in all of the available technologies.

The new Miller Roofing Contractors online guides will give readers the benefit of some of this wide-ranging expertise. The first new article looks at the use of spray polyurethane foam, or SPF, for commercial roofing and other purposes. An energy-efficient roofing material, SPF makes a great addition to commercial metal roofs and can be applied in highly consistent ways with the Spraybot application technology that Miller Roofing Contractors makes use of.

The second new guide covers the application of elastomeric coatings for the revitalization and repair of aging commercial membrane roofs. Thanks to a number of recent advances in the field, properly specified and applied coatings can be a cost-effective way of extending the lifetimes of such roofs, boosting their energy efficiency and restoring their ability to shed water.

The brand new guides are now online at the Miller Roofing Contractors website. Visitors to the site can also read about Miller Roofing Contractors' many other services or arrange for a free estimate for any commercial roofing need.

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