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Millie and Cupcake: Enchanting New Children's Book Exposes Cute, Intelligent & Loving Side Of….Rats

Written by Mildred Potash, ‘Millie and Cupcake’ quashes all stereotypes about rats to give the little rodents the positive attention they deserve. As Millie and Cupcake build an unbreakable friendship, young readers are inspired to build companionship with animals, even if the friendships may first appear unlikely.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- Rats are a sore subject among most adults and children, even more so when considering them as pets. However, an enchanting new book by author Mildred Potash sweeps stereotypes and fears under the rug to showcase the loving and intelligent side of rats that most unfairly turn a blind eye to.

‘Millie and Cupcake’ fuses an unlikely narrative with bold morals about embracing companionship with non-human friends.


The Story of a Girl and Her Wonderful Pet! For many children, the experience of bonding with and loving a first pet is an unforgettable time in their lives. Millie and Cupcake is the charming and educational story of a girl and her companion animal ... a different animal than many kids think of when choosing a pet.

Cupcake is a rat, and readers will be enchanted as they learn what rats are really like: clean, loving, highly intelligent, trainable personalities who add immeasurable value to people's lives. Follow along with Millie as she learns how to take care of her sociable, curious, and affectionate best friend.

The author admits that rats often get undue criticism.

“The media, friends and society-at-large tells us that they are scary, unfriendly and dirty. This is simply not true! Rats have superior intelligence and a capability to love that even surpasses some humans. I showcase all of this, wrapped up in a story that young children will never forget,” says Potash.

Continuing, “While primarily about rats, my book also teaches children the importance of being kind to animals and forging personal bonds with them. A child’s first pet is always special, whatever it is…..and I hope my story helps old and young see rats in a different light so they can consider adding them to their household.”

Since its release, the book has garnered a string of positive reviews. For example, one reader comments, “This is one adorable book. If you and your child loves animals or even plan to get a pet someday, then this would be the perfect book. It illustrates the kindness and care that goes into having a family pet. The story was very heart-warming. The art work was beautiful. I enjoyed reading this excellent book to my kids, they really loved the story.”

Alicia Reyes was equally as impressed, adding, “Such a sweet little book for kids, Millie is a little girl who moves to NYC and makes... a rather unusual friend. The book is simple and easy to read for the kids, but imparts a good lesson about respecting all animals and caring for others. It also carries a message about being responsible for your pets. A great book for a child to have if you are considering getting an "alternative" pet!”

‘Millie and Cupcake’, published by OutskirtsPress, is available now: http://amzn.to/1iRR342.

For more information, visit the book’s official website: http://www.outskirtspress.com/bookmillstore/9781478709978.html

About Mildred Potash
Mildred Potash was born in Brooklyn, New York. She has always been an animal lover. Her very first pets were two rats, and during her life she has enjoyed the companionship of hamsters, guinea pigs, two ferrets, a cat and dogs. Mildred is an outspoken advocate for animal rights, and her appreciation of the warmth and intelligence of rats inspired her to write this book.

Author’s website: http://mpotash.com.