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Conscious Music Entertainment Celebrates Mentor-ship Success Through Music and Voice

Conscious Music Entertainment is a talent agency, that promotes positive music, and artistry to those whose heart lies within the means of entertainment.


Nashville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2012 -- Milliea McKinney, an award winning songwriter from Nashville, who gets her credits for writing for the legends of country music. Milliea, wanted to do something that would impact the world so she formed Conscious Music Entertainment, partnered by 'Five Time Promoter Of The Year,' and Former VP to MCA Records Pat Melfi. The duo, came together to make a huge difference targeting the needs of societies youth through music. Melfi also, the founder of Muzart World Foundation, supporting music education legacy. The companies function is as a talent agency, however the twist to this unique company offers a mentor-ship to youth through music lyrics. A concept both McKinney, and Melfi would understand as music professionals.

McKinney, who over the past several months took on a student whose dream was to learn the art of songwriting, and to be a trained professional vocalist. In doing so the result for one Bartlett Illinois teen, would be a recording contract with Jandar records, and trained vocal learning experience that comes from the magic ingredients of time, music, faith, hard work, and love, from her mentors vocal coach Gloria Brown, and songwriting teacher McKinney, Josie Passantino, now lives her dream having experienced the opportunity to learn about herself, music, and her abilities to sing, and write her positive songs, that inspire, make her audience, laugh, and to dance.

When we asked Milliea, what her inspiration was she stated, 'Children resonate to music especially in their teen years. In some cases music becomes their best friend, their way to problem solve. With the lack of communication with teens, and adults music often becomes their role model, and their teacher. Music, is the biggest resource to educating our society. So why not start teaching our teens, and society the essence of life which is through music. Respect comes through lyrics which teach those thing that are, and are not acceptable. It sets the ground floor that builds the stage for our children, and their future.

'McKinney, who also, mentored yet another youth from New Jersey, Lenore Luca.

Luca, was inspired to be the voice for teens everywhere. Part of the mentor-ship McKinney, brought to Lenore, was the inspiration to use her voice through writing, and motivational speaking. The end result would be a magazine written, designed, and edited by Lenore herself. The magazine called, 'Teen Groove On The Move,' inspired teens to do what is right, and to be their own person. Luca, also, has graduated to motivational speaking taking her message to schools group events, and corporate functions, across the

US. McKinney states, 'I am am proud of both Josie Passantino, and Lenore Luca, they demonstrate that with the right guidance our youth can become sound productive, and happy citizens for our future while enjoying the benefits of their youth and innocence. Keeping entertainment positive is a responsibility our society has indeed sold out on for the finer materialistic joys that life may offer. This makes me sad, and this why I try to bring awareness to our society through my company.'

Josie Passantino, will celebrate her accomplishments at her web-show song release party on Friday, May 4, at 7p.m central & 8 pm eastern time. Her guest come from all walks of life and she will be supported by many friends, family, and celebrities. Josie sends out a VIP invitation to those who have a heart to dream. Supporters can also 'Like Us ' on Facebook.

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Conscious Music Entertainment is a full-service musical agency representing musicians and vocal talents of all ages. Specializing in classic talent that understands the responsibility that goes along with the art and the legacy of entertaining. We see ourselves as treasure hunters for the classic positive artist that can role model, and enhance those talented fresh faces for the legacies of fine enjoyable entertainment the whole family can enjoy. That which meet our clients' requirements exactly. This philosophy has made us a very successful independent agency that is respected in the industry. We currently represent the classic legendary talents working for large clients from various industries. If you are serious about entertainment we are the agency that can meet your needs.