Million Dollar Senate Seat Announces the Release of the $1 Pixel Advertising Website


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2012 -- MILLION DOLLAR SENATE SEAT today announces a very interesting and quirky pixel advertising website entitled “Million Dollar Senate Seat”. Each pixel on this website represents the attempt to purchase the internet version of the “Senate Seat”, enabling advertisers the ability to purchase pixel squares for $1. The Million Dollar Senate Seat is a ground breaking opportunity for businesses because the website offers these pixels to local businesses and advertisers worldwide interested in finding fresh new ways to advertise or promote websites, blogs, YouTube videos, products and services. Pixel advertising can provide maximum exposure for any website and can turn traffic into revenue.

The concept for the Million Dollar Senate Seat is relatively simple; each pixel being sold represents a fun attempt to purchase the internet version of the “Senate Seat.” The concept was created when Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich tried to sell the Senate Seat that was vacated by current President Barack Obama to the highest bidder. His attempt to sell the Senate Seat made front page news around the globe. Of course it’s not the Senate Seat literally but the idea is a pretty cool concept. The Million Dollar Senate Seat offers a spot of advertising on its virtual real estate, also known as its website for a fee of $1 per pixel with a 100 pixel minimum. The advertiser that purchases the most advertising will have ultimately paid for the “Million Dollar Senate Seat” and will have their advertising on the banner of the website as well as the pixel squares that were initially purchased. The website will be online for a minimum of 10yrs.

A pixel is the smallest element of a digital image. It takes thousands of pixels to make a normal size photograph and one pixel advertising will not even be visible, this gives the advertiser a small square box in which to place a small image which will link directly to the homepage of their website. If you think about the average pay per click cost on search engine advertising you could end up paying between 7 and 10 dollars per click. Why pay per click when you can pay $1 per pixel? With pixel advertising, you are gaining years of publicity for your advertising dollar. You don’t have to continue to pay for clicks because, once your ad is placed, it stays put. Your advertisement is usually surrounded by many others and the entire website will have a billboard like appearance. It will be very colorful with a lot of small graphics and advertisements. You benefit from pixel advertising on the Million Dollar Senate Seat because your ad can be seen by millions around the world.

Companies that advertise on this website can definitely benefit from this unique marketing vehicle and will be a part of internet history, as well as be a part of one of the most talked about concept websites in history. The purpose of The Million Dollar Senate Seat is to be seen by millions across the globe and to turn that traffic into revenue for your business. “Don’t work for your marketing; let your marketing work for you”.