Tycoon Match Maker

Personal Matchmaking for Intelligent Women and Wealthy Men

Popular matchmaking company Tycoon Match Maker offers personalized matchmaking service for the elite.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2012 -- The well-known matchmaking service Tycoon Match Maker goes upper class by offering personalized matchmaking services custom fit for the wealthy and successful. Tycoon Match Maker, an upscale matchmaking service owned and operated by co-founder Tonya Mitchell, is an exclusive club whose aim is to help wealthy and successful men find professional, sophisticated women who attract them physically and mentally. In Mitchell’s words, the company is the “professional matchmaker for professionals.”

Tycoon Match Maker currently services both local and international clients and has 30 locations worldwide. Rich, educated, and affluent men from all over the world can enlist the help of the millionaire dating service in finding attractive, successful, and intelligent women who can connect with them. The matchmaking service attracts millionaires, entrepreneurs, businessmen, and other successful men, and they match these clients with beautiful and talented women, majority of whom are professional career women, runway models, and fashion models who don’t have time to find love because they are busy working and traveling. Whether the clients are looking for casual dates or true love, Tycoon Match Maker makes sure that these relationship goals are fully achieved by the right people.

The key to the success of Tycoon Match Maker is that it offers clients a truly personal service. Mitchell explains the process behind each successful match. “We conduct phone consultations on each male member and we interview them to fully understand their dating needs. I meet every client personally. I focus on (the client) from the beginning. I take time to understand who you are, from past relationships to the present. I then provide as much guidance as possible to achieve your relationship goals.” The company is made up of a team of professional dating consultants who are fully equipped to provide full-time matchmaking service to every client.

Mitchell also offers insight on why their services are highly demanded. “Being a successful man, some wonder if they could date the beautiful women of their dreams. Tycoon Match Maker club comes to the rescue of successful men who may feel intimidated by the beauty of a woman.”

Tycoon Match Maker also understands that the dating business is more complex than it seems. Mitchell says, “I’m very warm and perceptive, so I hope my skills and experience will make your journey to finding a potential partner an enlightening one.” Mitchell has been a professional matchmaker for six years, and her experience has given her a different perspective on dating. “Just like anything you want, there is a major economic value attached to finding (emotional) connections because you have to do your research.” Since successful men and women usually don’t have time to do so, Tycoon Match Maker steps in.

Men who want to avail of the services of Mitchell’s highly effective dating service have to pay to become part of the club that meets their relationship needs, whereas female members are offered free membership. Female members, however, are carefully screened before they become part of the agency. Mitchell also explains the process of selecting their female members, “We select our female members from a variety of women who are referred to us by reliable and trusted modeling agencies, individual photographers, and worldwide scouts.”

If you’re a successful man or woman interested in meeting singles who entice you and connect with you, your personal matchmaker Tycoon Match Maker can help you. You may get in touch with Tonya Mitchell and the Tycoon matchmaking team thru e-mail tycoon@tycoonmatchmaker.com or by visiting the website: http://www.TycoonMatchMaker.com