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Millionairehood ... A Book on Financial Education by David Chua


Malaysia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/12/2013 -- Lack of proper financial education creates barriers in achieving business goals set by entrepreneurs. David Chua, the lead trainer and founder of the well-known training company Ultimate Breakthrough has written a book titled Millionairehood to help people achieve success in the business world. Backed by years of experience and knowledge, he conducts seminars and handles a consulting business successfully.

The book Millionairehood compiles information derived from the personal and professional experiences of the author.  All tactics, secrets and strategies provided in this book will assist readers in saving their most valuable assets and earning a sizeable amount of money . Millionairehood will be released in January 2014, and through the website, people may get an opportunity to download the e-book free of cost.

Achievers are expected to hail this book as their textbook for financial success. The proven principles and laws of successful entrepreneurs are blended in the most comprehensive way suitable for all kinds of readers. A business owner or network marketer should try to keep the right mindset and attitude, for the purpose of avoiding hardships as well as mistakes. Millionairehood appears to be an appropriate guide providing the necessary knowledge to readers and business enthusiasts alike, who are willing to transform their lives.

One of the testimonials from the readers of Millionairehood says, “The material in this book cuts through all the noise out there, it is not a regurgitation of the past fifty years of success books, but a brand new approach to change, read it better yet use it and apply it.”

The book Millionairehood is said to offer tools to readers for discovering The 21 Universal Laws of Success, The Forces at Play, The Applications of Laws, Success Equations, Secrets for Fast Tracking Ultimate Financial Success, Mastering of Destiny, Obstacles or Hindrances in the Path of Success and much more. Through this valuable guide, David Chua will help users in getting started with the applications, in order to receive immediate results.

The website says, “Millionairehood teaches you the 21 Laws of Success, you will discover ‘what’ they are, ‘how’ to apply them and most importantly, David shows you how to start using them ‘now’ to see results immediately manifest in your life.”

David’s Ultimate Breakthroughs also offers a number of courses on sales, influence, business, life, relationship and wealth. The training and coaching facilities organized and conducted by this education training company also help people to transform their lives and achieve ultimate success.

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About Millionairehood
Millionairehood is a book written by David Chua on financial education. The tactics, tips and secrets provided in this book help people achieve the ultimate financial success in their lives.

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