Millions Die, Hundreds of Millions More Suffer Needlessly; New Bestseller Confronts the World's Most Dire Challenges


West Palm Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/27/2014 -- There is just no reason for millions to die or for hundreds of millions more to suffer needlessly when the solutions are at our fingertips. While we now have more technology on this planet than ever in history, we have an equally incredible measure of affliction, and it just doesn’t add up.

Today we number seven billion souls. We are not only more numerous but, in addition, we each require a steady supply of food and water for many more years than our predecessors did. The new best-selling book, Radical Response, confronts the problem of human survival through a bold new perspective. Authors Richard Lackey and Thom Garlock carefully survey the landscape of disaster relief, weigh the pros and cons of traditional approaches, and take stock of new technologies that are available to us for the first time in our history. When considered together, these factors have led the authors to an exciting new possibility for bringing aid to suffering populations, through a sustainable free market model that calls for a transformation in the way we think about public-private partnerships.

The authors suggest a more effective mindset for creating solutions that are built on free market enterprise systems to create social outcomes, where sustainable businesses yield a viral increase in quality of life, rather than for a limited population who are always partially dependent on some form of aid. People and environments don’t inherently want aid, rather they want and need to be brought into an eco-system where they can flourish. The precepts of free markets offer a proven solution for creating these social and environmental eco-systems. We need only to embrace the model, and work together with an entrepreneurial spirit to find and adapt creative solutions. It is already happening and through the implementation of new ideas and systems, we humans have survived on our fragile spinning rock, and that is how we can expect to create a bright future for generations to come, in all corners of the world.

“I have always been in awe of the entrepreneurs of this world who have discovered creative ways to solve a problem and earn money for themselves and others by delivering a product or service. The vision of the entrepreneurial authors of this book is to create a solution which will potentially save the lives of millions of people.”
~Walter Rakowich, retired CEO of Prologis

About Richard Lackey
Richard Lackey is the founder of the Global Food Exchange™, a for-profit company uniquely designed to provide benevolent and long-term sustainable solutions for the provision of critical post-disaster supplies.

A serial entrepreneur with a unique background that includes several years in emergency medical response and medical missions as well as almost three decades as an active trader and fund manager, Richard has appeared as an expert in the field on radio and television and in magazines. He has held eight different securities licenses spanning equity, options and futures markets, and has served as the managing director for five private funds.

About Thom Garlock
Thom Garlock is the founder of the World Food Crusade, a non-profit enterprise focused on providing food to victims of natural disasters, as well as educating consumers on issues related to food security and non-sustainable food production methods in use today. He is also an introducing agent of the Global Food Exchange™. Thom has presented his research on investing in tangible assets at numerous wealth conferences and has appeared on America’s Premier Experts® TV show on ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox.

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