Millions of Free eBooks Are Now Available to Download Thanks to, An Online Book Library

Consumers no longer have to worry about spending money to buy an eBook; a popular online library allows book lovers to download books for free.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2014 -- is an exciting book library that has millions of eBooks available to read and download free of charge. The online library adds millions of new books each month where users can download them to their mobile devices.

All library’s should be available to everyone around the world for free offline and online and this is what RteamKZ have done with the website. They are determined to keep the world reading without worrying if they can afford to buy a new book, giving people of any age access to great titles from fiction to true stories for free.

Some people say that books are better than watching the television but unfortunately with the economic crisis and with the rise in living costs; luxury items for many people are a thing of the past. Book shops have reported due to the money being less available due to low wages and high bills that less people are buying books which means people are missing out on the wonders of a great read. wanted to change that and allow people to have access to eBooks that are free when they want them.

Students who are struggling are now able to access the free online library where they can download study books and books for their research. With millions of books available and with millions being added each month, students are able to choose from a whole range of study books.

A spokesman for said: “We operate a website that brings enjoyment to our users. There are lots of websites that charge for downloading books, prices that a lot of people cannot afford. We wanted to bring an online literature platform where people could download different types of books for free. We offer all types of books from education, research to fiction, making our website a valuable resource.”

The Free eBook website includes its own e-reader, which means users do not have to download books in pdf format immediately. Users will be able to browse through the online bookshop before deciding if to download the title.

The eBooks come in a range of different formats, allowing for people to read them on different types of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Andoid, Kindle, and Nook.

Thanks to the people can continue to spend their leisure time reading and encourage their children to read by downloading children’s books to their iPads or other devices, allowing them to move away from computer games and Facebook and enjoy the words that fly off each page of an exciting book.

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