Mimicr Launches Screen Sharing App for Android Smartphones

Mobile-to-mobile screen sharing and live voice chattinggetsconvenienton your smartphone with the new app from Mimicr.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2019 -- Sending screenshots, links and large files are a thing of the past, as Mimicr launches its new Screen Sharing app on the Google Play Store.Users can simply share their smartphone's live screen with another Android smartphone via Mimicr,at the touch of a button!

"The idea came to me sometime in late 2014 at the lobby of theACE Hotel in NYC. I was sitting down with a cup of latte and my laptop, working on some landing page for a project that I was testing at the time"says Ted Kebede, founder and CEO, Mimicr.

"As I look up from the screen, I see two lady friends across the hall comfortably lounging on the sofa, holding their cell phones in front. Presumably they were going through their Instagram feeds.After every few scrolls they would nudge one anotherandshow each other their phones, followed by a short giggle or a smart remark about what they had just witnessed on the other's screen. They kept at it for quite a while,AND that is when the idea of building a screensharing app hit me!".

Mimicr is easy to use and allows people to

1. Share their screens instantly via a phone call. The app works similarly to any calling app where the user searches through the MimicrContacts and dialsthe person with whom they want to share screens with. The sharing session begins as soon as the other person accepts the incoming phone call.

2. Pause an ongoing connection whenever they want to address their cell phones privately.Screen sharing is paused momentarily and resumes at the touch of a button!

3. Swap screen functionbetween the two devices at any moment during an ongoing session, allowing both the users to share their screens with each other without the need to create a new session.

"Our sole purpose forsending screenshots and URL links to other people is because they are not physically present next to us. If they were, we would simply show them the content on our cellphones. This one thought gave birth to the idea behind Mimicr" Ted continues.

Apart from screen sharing, Mimicr allows the users to

1. Interact with each other via the voice chat feature that is activated through the device's built-in loud speakersat the start of a new session. This innovative calling functionality allows the users to communicate in real time and enhance their sharing experience.It is the next best thing to sitting next to each other!

2. React using playful emojis!This functionality is particularly helpful on days when a userdoes not feelquite chatty.

3. Experience hassle-free and collaborative live screen sharing even when two users are sitting half way across the world! Mimicr offers a lag-free user experience in every live session,eliminating the need for transferring large files and awaiting a reply.

Mimicr is now available on the Google Play Store.

About Mimicr
Mimicr is the best Android screen sharing app for live voice call and mobile-to-mobile screen sharing. Conceived back in 2014, the transition of an idea, to a prototype and finally a fully-operational mobile applicationtook almost four years and countless sleepless nights.For further details, visit www.mimicr.com.

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