Mimijumi Offers New Baby Bottle to Ease Breastfeeding Issues

A new baby bottle has been launched onto the UK market that aimsto help mothers trying to get their babies to move from the breast to the bottle and back again.


Stourbridge, West Midlands -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2013 -- A new baby bottle has been launched onto the UK market that aimsto help mothers trying to get their babies to move from the breast to the bottle and back again.

Baby feeding forums have indicated that the move from breast to bottle can be difficult for some babies to accept, which leaves mothers unable to get any respite fromfeeding their baby since fathers cannot help them. If a baby will not take a bottle between breastfeedsthen mum is committed to perform the feeding task, day and night, without any help whatsoever.

The mimijumi bottle also helps babies with the transition to the bottle when the breastfeeding regime is coming to an end, which,again, has been identified as a major problem for some parents.

Forums suggest the main issue is that some babies resist the bottle and are unable or unwilling to ‘latch’ onto the bottle teat. The new bottle from mimijumi - until now only available in the USA - was designed by a doctor to answer this specific problem and has a natural feel that mimics the breast. The makers saythat results have been excellent, even with the most difficult of babies, and have allowed mothers some freedom with newborns, allowing daddy and grandparents to feed their babies, giving worn out mums a chance to relax – and sleep.

The dome shaped top makes the latching and drinking experience the closest to breastfeeding that a bottle can be and makes the transition from breast to bottle both natural and comfortable. The mimijumi bottles mimic the way a mother’s breast moves to deliver milk, minimising confusion, allowing the baby to controlthe flow of milk with a natural latch.The bottles are now available to purchase online, in two sizes, from mimijumi UK’s distributor at www.mimijumi.co.uk.

The bottles are manufactured in Austria to exacting, high quality standards, are BPA free and contain no phthalates. Retail prices start at £11.99 with shipping at £3.95.

The makers say that the mimijumi bottle is not claiming to be a replacement or alternative to breastfeeding, but as an aid to help breastfeeding last longer. The bottle has an easy one handed assembly and an extra wide neck to make expressing easier to manage. With a soft natural feeding action which supports breastfeeding progress,it also features an integral anti-colic venting system, allowing the baby to feed without pause.

Pictures link: http://www.mimijumi.co.uk/downloads

Note to Editors: mimijumi UK Ltd is offering a limited number of baby bottles for review to selected publications.

A reader competition is also being offered for mums to win a well deserved visit to a spa for the day. We hope that the mimijumi bottle will help mums to be free to take the time off and relax for a day.

About mimijumi
mimijumi was created by a passionate team of parents: two doctors, one industrial designer and a neo-natal nurse. The team set out to improve the bottle-feeding experience for babies and parents alike.

The Inventor
Frank Drummond MD MBA of Nashville, TN USA.


"The mimijumi line of baby bottles was conceived with the idea of improving the family experience of feeding the baby. The simple two piece design includes a nipple with a tone and texture that attracts even picky babies. Because the bottle requires the baby to latch on to drink, the baby controls the flow of milk, creating a similar experience to feeding from the breast. I designed the nipple and bottle in safe durable materials which can last up to a year."

“The name mimijumi came from listening to the sound my baby was making while feeding at the breast. It was a contented and comforting sound and I knew I wanted to replicate that while my baby was feeding from my bottle. For me it said ‘Mother’s love’ and, as far as I am concerned that is the meaning of mimijumi.”

- Mimijumi bottles are available in two sizes: 4 oz / 120 ml and 8 oz / 240 ml.
- Each bottle comes with a lid to cover and protect the bottle while not in use.
- Replacement nipples are available in a two pack in two different flow rates.
- The box is special enough to present as a gift.

What makes this bottle different / more effective for infants and parents?
- Mimijumi bottles are designed to feed the baby similar to the way the breast does.
- The dome-shaped top makes the latching and drinking experience the closest to breastfeeding that a bottle can be. This makes the transition comfortable and natural between breast and bottle.
- Mimijumi’s bottles mimic mother’s breast and the way it moves to deliver milk. This minimizes confusion between the breast and bottle.
o Some parents rely on mimijumi as the “back-to-work bottle” because it makes the transition easier for mom to return to work.
- The breast-like function soothes baby and allows parents and caregivers a more successful bottle-feeding and bonding experience.
- The skin-like tone and shape of the dome/top are natural to baby.
- With mimijumi, milk flow is regulated by baby (like the breast), so each nipple “stage” lasts for a very long time (about 9 months to one year) such that the two stages of nipples are all that are needed.
- The clear body is angled for comfort and measurement markings showhow much is inside.

How Does mimijumi Work so Naturally?
- Mimijumi’s dome and nipple are soft and shaped for effective latching.
- Like the breast, the baby must latch to express the milk. Milk flow is regulated by the baby’s sucking action.
- The nipple flattens and stretches while feeding behaving like the breast.
- The simple and effective patent-pending venting mechanism relieves air pressure during feeding, preventing colic.

Who uses and recommends mimijumi?
- Based on testimonials, babies who had refused many competitive bottles, enjoy mimijumi bottles.
o “I love the mimijumi bottles, they are the only bottles that my daughter would latch on to.” Katrina, NJ mom
- Lactation consultants like mimijumi’s natural bottle design and milk release since it reduces nipple confusion.
o Karen Todaro, a Registered Nurse and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, states that mimijumi "is so breast-like in appearance, that …babies are less likely to have a problem transitioning between breast and bottle… She recommends it for not only bottle-picky babies, but for all newborns as an aid to prolonging breastfeeding, a natural way to enhance immunity, and prevent obesity and diabetes later in life.”
- Parents who seek flexibility between breast and bottle.
- Parents and caregivers love that mimijumi relaxes the child while feeding.

Simple to Use
- Each bottle is comprised of only two parts and can be assembled one-handed.
- Fewer parts simplify storage.
- A wide opening makes filling and cleaning easy.
- The bottle is two parts and components are interchangeable.
- No skid bottom lends stability.
- Nipples are easy to clean requiring no special brushes.
- Top-rack dishwasher and boil safe. The nipples can be cleaned in microwave sterilizer bags.

mimijumi Materials are Safe
- Mimijumi bottles are made from the safest materials to ensure a worry-free and healthy bottle feeding.
o All materials used are free from Estrogenic Activity and contain no BPA or phthalates.
o The clear bottle material is Grilamind® nylon, a safe durable clear plastic that passes all global safety standards.
o The nipple is made from medical and food grade silicone.

Where is mimijumi Manufactured?
The bottles are manufactured in Austria to the highest safety standards, exceeding both US and European regulations.

mimijumi is Award Winning
- 2012 Mom’s Best Hot Product Award #1 Baby Bottle
- BCPN Readers Choice #1 Baby Bottle
- Creative Child Top Choice of the Year Baby Bottle 2012
- 2011 Baby and Children’s Product News, 2011 Reader’s Favorites Award Winner, Baby Bottle Category
- 2010 I.D. Magazine Annual Design Review Winner – Equipment Category
- 2009 Spark Design Awards, Gold Award

Suggested Retail Prices
Not So Hungry4oz / 120 ml bottle: £11.99
Very Hungry 8 oz/240 ml bottle: £14.99

Media Contact
Email: press@mimijumi.co.uk
Office: +44 (0) 1384 904037