MinceurEclair.com Publishes Insightful Article on the Popular Green Coffee Bean Extract


Paris, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- MinceurEclair.com, one of the leading French lifestyle blogs which is dedicated in sharing reviews and analysis of health & fitness products, has recently published an insightful article on the very common extract used in natural weight-loss supplements – the Green Coffee Bean extract.

Since the boom of the natural weight-loss supplement industry, both Green Coffee Bean extract and Garcinia Cambogia extract have seen an immense demand with Raspberry Ketones and Acai Berry following up. Many pharmaceutical companies have emerged to target the weight loss industry and few existing ones have also diversified their product lines to meet the demands.

MinceurEclair.com in their latest article specifically discusses whether the Green Coffee Bean extract is associated with weight-loss and whether its consumption can indeed be helpful to individuals facing weight issues.

The French lifestyle blog did its research on the extract itself and not on any specific Green Coffee Bean supplement. Since the composition of most of the supplements is the same the editors of the blog felt that it is best to go the source due find out its effects.

After testing various safe concentrations of Green Coffee Bean, the researchers found 4 distinct effects which can aid individuals in losing excess weight – boosting of the natural processes of the body, lowering the levels of cholesterol, reducing & controlling blood pressure and controlling appetite.

The article further informs that the extent of these effects varies upon many factors including the body type one has and the current health of an individual. However, the Green Coffee Bean has been termed effective by MinceurEclair.com and even recommended it to their followers.

Another popular health & fitness lifestyle blog from Norway, NuvoSlimTest.com has also performed its own research on Green Coffee Bean extract and has found it to be beneficial in maintaining and reducing excess weight. The blog recently performed a comparative study on various popular weight loss supplements available and its results displayed Green Coffee Bean extract as very effective, showing that the extract is indeed effective and useful to numerous people struggling to lose weight.

About MinceurEclair.com
MinceurEclair.com is a French lifestyle blog focused on reviewing various health products available in the industry today. The blog recently reviewed Green Coffee Bean extract based supplements due to their immense popularity in last 2-3 years. Reviews on other popular weight loss supplements are also available on the blog.

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