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Minch Professional Cleaning Service Introduces New Probiotic Cleaning Products to Their Business Based on CDC & NIH Findings


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2014 -- Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC in Bucks County is pleased to have found a new way to truly clean at the deepest level of surfaces and to protect surfaces far beyond what bleach, antibacterial products and disinfectants can do. It is not enough to be “green” or “natural” or even “organic” anymore, which is why Minch has embraced the consumer line of PIP Healthy Products and the commercial line of Z-Bioscience (manufacturer of PIP products) probiotic based cleaning products.

Minch’s owner, Kathy Minch, states, ”We tried every green product we could find to avoid using caustic chemicals, but we never found one that could really clean to our level of expectation. Once we tried these probiotic cleaners, wow, we could not believe how well they cleaned, and our staff loves them! We feel so good knowing that we are providing our customers with the safest, best in class products available today.”

A Prevention Magazine article by Anne Underwood, “How Probiotics And Prebiotics Can Help Your Health...Have You Had Your Probiotics Today?” stated that “Probiotics aren't just in food anymore. They're turning up in breath mints, mouthwash, hand sanitizer, and cleaning products.” By incorporating probiotics into cleaning products, surfaces are covered with a much needed army of good bacteria to help clean away an invisible slime and stand guard to keep it from returning. This invisible slime attaches to all of the surfaces around you, including: toys, computers, door handles, coffee tables, counters, sinks, appliances, car seats, your teeth (plaque) and much more. This slime can also adhere to surfaces like plastic, metal, granite and glass with one drop of moisture.

According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and the NIH (National Institute of Health), 90% of all superbugs like, MRSA, E. Coli, Salmonella, Staph and C-difficile, live in this invisible slime (biofilm) and are resistant to high level disinfectants like those used in hospitals. If this slime is not removed, your cleaning efforts are ineffective, and you provide an ongoing breeding ground for bad bacteria. Ultimately, this leaves surfaces unprotected and can make people susceptible to sickness, infection, mold, mildew, fungus and odors.

Just because something looks clean or smells clean does not mean it is clean. This was confirmed by TURI Labs 3rd party independent testing of Z-Bioscience A1+ cleaner against bleach, the leading green bleach wipe, the leading green household cleaner, a hospital grade disinfectant, an antibacterial cleaner and plain water. After a 24 hour period, the A1+ cleaner was the only cleaner that kept cleaning at an acceptable level for food surfaces. Within 4 hours, the other cleaning products tested rose to unacceptable levels of contamination and kept climbing to significantly higher levels of contamination within 8 hours. Z-Bioscience further proved its efficacy during a 72 hour testing period of school surfaces, where the Z-Bioscience cleaner far exceeded the cleanliness levels set forth by the ISSA K-12 school standards - further proving that only probiotics can make surfaces cleaner than bleach, antibacterials and green products for much longer periods of time.

The President and founder of PIP Healthy Products (www.piphealthyproducts.com), Heather Holmes says, “It is a very different world today from a biological standpoint. A change in our perception of clean is necessary in order to address bacteria in a way that they will not become resistant. With the incorporation of probiotics, you don’t have to kill bacteria to clean better and longer than disinfectants like bleach and antibacterials like ammonia. If you are trying to go the more natural route by cleaning with vinegar or hydrogen peroxide, I commend you, but just remember that those products still kill bacteria, making them stronger, and they cannot remove the invisible slime that is on all of the surfaces around you. Now you have an option with our probiotic products to balance your bacterial environment for optimal health and wellness.”

Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC plans to clean homes, schools, churches, offices, gyms and daycares with probiotics, ensuring that its customers will be safe and protected with the best products available today. PIP® and Z-Bioscience products are all natural, use 100% USDA certified organic ingredients, are certified green, non-irritating, non-allergenic, biodegradable, eco-friendly, non-toxic, non-GMO, vegan, Paleo friendly, contain no chemicals and are safe for skin, children & pets.

About Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC
Kathleen E. Minch, owner and President, has been in the cleaning business for more the 20 years. Kathleen started Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC almost 10 years ago, and because of the outstanding reputation of both Kathy and the company, Minch’s customer retention rate is one of the highest in the business. In 2012 and 2013, the company received the Bucks County Courier Times Best of Bucks Award, and it has maintained a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for the last 5 years. Minch Professional Cleaning Services, LLC has a team who give 100% of themselves to each and every customer. All of their employees go through formal standardized training and are fully certified, bonded & insured to ensure the safety of your home or business. They serve Bucks County, parts of New Jersey, and Montgomery County. The campaign slogan “We Clean Every Inch” is exactly the standard the company lives by. If they can reach it, they can clean it.

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