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Mind 2 Body Presents Pilates and the Gyrotonic Expansion System Teacher Training

Mind 2 Body is a Pilates studio in Los Angeles that embodies the Gyrotonic Expansion System to help you transform your body and transform your life.


Sherman Oaks, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- Earn your complete Pilates certification through Mind 2 Body. Unlike most training programs, where you only become certified in one level of Pilates, Mind 2 Body’s training program is comprehensive. You’ll master Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level Pilates movements. You’ll also become an expert in major Pilates apparatus and accessories, including the Pilates Mat, Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, High Chair, Arm Chair, Spine Corrector, Barrel, Ladder Barrel, Guillotine Tower, Ped-o-Pull, Magic Circle, Tensometer, Foot Corrector, Neck Stretcher and the Pilates Weight Series.

Do you regularly take Pilates classes? Do you love Joseph Pilates? Do you frequently convince friends to try Pilates? Can you not let a day go by without taking a Pilates class at your studio? If this sounds like you, it’s time you become a Pilates instructor, and pass on your passion! Mind 2 Body’s Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training program is the best choice for you to attain your Pilates instructor certification.

Mind 2 Body’s Instructor Training is also unique because you’ll learn how to personally perform Pilates movements perfectly. Before advancing to each Training Course, you’ll complete Pre-Training. In Pre-Training, Mind 2 Body’s trainers will ensure you correctly perform the Pilates movements. This approach guarantees you can focus on teaching in each Training Course, and not worry about improving your form at the same time.

Mind 2 Body also utilizes the most modern teaching techniques, like their innovative iPad 3 training manual. Each client who enrolls in Mind 2 Body’s Comprehensive Training Program receives a new, complimentary iPad 3, which is theirs to keep. Each iPad 3 is preloaded with Mind 2 Body’s pioneering, full-color iBook training manual and high-definition training DVDs for each module. With this digital manual, the latest Pilates practices will be at your fingertips. And updates are only a click away. Forget hauling a heavy book around, or purchasing each new edition to make sure you stay up-to-date on training protocol. And, you can come in to Mind 2 Body anytime to update your iPad manual free! Mind 2 Body is revolutionizing Pilates training with this iPad manual.

Mind 2 Body is at the cutting-edge of Pilates Instructor Training with Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® as well. Whether you choose Gyrotonic® or Gyrokinesis®, Mind 2 Body’s™ training programs adopt a similar approach to their comprehensive instructor training. Both instructor courses provide a holistic attitude to mastering these methods’ skills. Your Gyrotronic or Gyrokinesis training begins with Mind 2 Body’s Pre-Training program and ends with a concluding certification process with an Authorized Master Trainer.

Either in your Pre-Training or Training Course, or during your apprenticeship hours, Mind 2 Body’s Pilates trainers guarantee you achieve a comprehensive mastery of the Pilates method. Are you ready to start your career as a Pilates Instructor? Contact Mind 2 Body to discover their comprehensive programs and progress your Pilates lifestyle!

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