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Mind Blowing Benefits of Spa Treatments: Experience the Revival of the Body and the Soul with Le Samoyède Morzine Hotel' Spa

A lot of people are having second thoughts and are having a lot of reasons why it is not necessary to cut a portion of their budget to spend on beauty treatments. Little do they know, there’s more to spa than just a simple massage and steamy baths, booking an appointment is not all about beautification and TLC, though those are some of the given benefits.


Morzine, France -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2014 -- Here are the five little known benefits of going to the spas and making it a regular habit.

Relieve Stress

This is obviously the well-known benefit and the most important as well. Probably this is the primary reason that people are booking a spa appointment. A simple pampering treatment like a massage helps relieve stress, stimulates circulatory system giving a smoother blood flow, and ease muscle tension. Massage can be therapeutic; figures on a study have shown that 56% of people seek out massage for spasms, stiffness, soreness or general rehabilitation.


This is the most underrated benefit of spa time. According to experts, massage and other full body beauty treatments are designed to excrete the body’s excess toxins and fluids. At the surface level, after a session person will feel lighter as he walks out the door for this treatment eliminates bloating and water retention in the body. In the long run, regular massage helps stimulate the lymphatic system of the body flushing out the body’s waste products more efficiently.

Soothes the Soul

Fact: looking better automatically helps an individual feel better. Beauty treatments like facials, mud wraps, manicures, pedicure, etc., not only improve one’s appearance but it also give the confidence a boost. On top of that spas are designed to nourish and soothe the soul. According to spa experts water-based spa treatments mimic the qualities of life – the water symbolizes yin and yang. A person’s body and soul can find balance – with the water as the equilibrium, as he immerses himself in a spa Jacuzzi after a body wrap.

Updates on the Latest Beauty Treatments

The spa is the perfect place to learn all there is in the world of pampering. Make sure to solicit information about the new, up and coming treatments during a spa therapy. Therapists will be happy to entertain these queries allowing their patrons to add something special on their next appointment like a spray tan, a full body coffee scrub or eyelash extensions.

Access to Exclusive Products

Spas and salons offer a number of exclusive product lines that are not available anywhere else. These products may be costly but rest assured that these are higher quality and will last longer. It is wise to consider expert advice and go with the professional product lines to take care of one’s hair or skin.

Le Samoyede Hotel houses the prime spa in Morzine, having an intimate and contemporary spa, a space for relaxation, beauty and luxury each and every client are given first class treatment.

About Le Samoyede
Le Samoyède offers a spa facility with Hammam, a Sauna, a Jacuzzi and a room for relaxation.

The Hammam or steam room is seen as pure relaxation which provides you with a delicious feeling of freedom. The gentle, humid warmth of the steam bath envelops its customers, stimulating the blood circulation and soothingly relaxes the body. The vapour of the steam bath also deeply cleanses, the skin becomes soft and supple. This feeling of cleanliness and suppleness will revive the body and soul.