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"Mind-Blowing Strategy" in 'Progressive Parenting' DVDs Empowers Children to Develop Stronger Sense of Self & Awareness of Others

Brought to the market by Progressive Parent Publishing, ‘Growing From The Roots: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Parenting’ and ‘Welcoming Your Second Child’ share compelling strategies and tips for parents that inspire their children to experi-ence life for themselves with proper guidance – instead of control. Parents will dis-cover trend-bucking information on how tantrums are necessary, why little ones shouldn’t feel bad about changing their behavior and how any adult can radically alter their parenting style with ease. The end product is bold; raising confident chil-dren who are their truest selves without trying to be a ‘carbon copy’ of everyone else.


Marina Del Rey, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2014 -- When Paul and Samira Madélénat sent their daughter to YWCA Preschool, they had no idea that Family Director Barbara Olinger would change all of their lives. Blown away by the strategies behind her many parenting workshops, Paul and Samira invited Barbara to join forces and launch Progressive Parenting Publishing.

The company’s philosophy is simple: combining Samira and Barbara’s experience to bring parents authentic and authoritative educational videos that encourage parents to focus on their child’s motivations, rather than individual behaviors. Openly re-jecting the ‘one-size-fits-all’ parenting approach, Samira and Barbara celebrate child development by allowing mistakes, validating feelings and making emotional connection a top priority.

To date, Progressive Parent Publishing has launched two DVDs:

‘Growing From The Roots: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Parenting’ (runtime: 107 minutes):

"The roots of healthy child development are nurtured when children’s needs are met and they are allowed to experience life for themselves with proper guidance, instead of control. This is the foundation of the non-judgmental, emotionally-connected style of parenting pre-sented in “Growing From The Roots: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Parenting”.

In this DVD, Barbara Olinger M.S.W demonstrates a fresh approach in which parents learn to focus on their children’s motivations rather than the way they act. She explains how tantrums and conflicts can be good; how being overly critical is detrimental to a child’s de-velopment; and how children do not need to feel bad to change their behavior. Barbara gives tools to help create positive interactions between parents and children.

Moms and Dads learn new ways to set loving limits, develop age-appropriate expectations and foster an environment in which children know that they are loved unconditionally. These connections build self-awareness and confidence, inspiring children’s desire to coop-erate, to strengthen family relationships, and to help them grow into compassionate adults."

‘Welcoming Your Second Child’ (Run time: 66 minutes):

"When expecting your second baby, you might feel like an old pro when it comes to diapers, feeding, and snapping up onesies, but the idea of life with two children can present an en-tirely new set of worries. It’s common to wonder things like Will I love both children the same? Will I be able to manage two kids? Oh no! Am I ready for this? At the same time, your first child is likely experiencing a sense of uneasiness, even if they’re too little to verbal-ize it. They might be wondering Am I still going to be loved? Am I still Mommy’s or Daddy’s priority? Am I still special?

In this DVD, Barbara Olinger addresses these issues by leading a progressive parenting workshop that guides parents through the transition of welcoming second-born children. As a mother and social worker who has worked with families for over 30 years, Barbara helps parents to define and understand their children’s perspectives.

She helps explain the older child’s underlying needs and how those needs are communicated through behavior. She presents a menu of specific methods for how to connect with and re-spond to your firstborn during this significant change in his or her life. This video is a must-see for anyone expecting their second child or parenting two children during their first years at home."

“We saw an amazing change in our daughter’s behavior after implementing Barbara’s ad-vice,” explains Samira. “Our daughter suddenly understood our dynamics and became per-fectly willing to cooperate. Our clingy little girl turned into a confident and adventurous in-dividual who wanted to discover the world for herself.” Continuing, “That’s when we formed a collaboration with Barbara so we could teach parents around the world. To date hundreds of families have benefitted from our video products and the possibilities are end-less. Barbara’s approach is wholly-unique and the results are proven.”

Customers agree. The DVD series has garnered a string of rave reviews. For example, Lisa M. comments, “As a soon to be parent, I found Barbara Olinger incredibly grounding. She's full of parental wisdom and easy-to-follow parenting approaches to address all the concerns of newbie parents.

In the DVD you meet parents facing challenges at home or in school. Barbara covers a range of critically important topics from how to build a child's self-esteem; transitioning them from tasks or activities to addressing tantrums and conflicts. She not only explains the issue, but gives parents simple tips and techniques to elicit responsiveness from a child.”

Margaret M. adds, “I bought this video at a perfect time. My daughter has been going through a developmental leap that has been packed with change and confusion (for all of us!). I have several go to books on development that I find helpful but it was really effective to see Barbara talking about parenting challenges with parents. Between her broader strokes of developmental information and the specific stories of parents it deepened my un-derstanding of what my daughters needs are from me as a parent.”

Both DVDs are available now. For more information and to view trailers,
visit: http://www.progressiveparenting.org/

About Progressive Parent Publishing: "We know that parenting is a huge, demanding job. In addition to leading your own personal and professional life, you’re responsible for guiding someone else to become the best possible version of whoever it is they’re meant to be. If you ask us, parenting is the most important job in the world. At Progressive Parenting, child de-velopment is understood and celebrated, mistakes are allowed, feelings are validated, and connecting with children is our top priority.

You want your child to feel secure enough to be their truest self-not a generic carbon copy of society-member-at-large. This requires a progressive, diverse parenting approach that rejects the one-size-fits-all idea of parenting and replaces it with one that focuses on ac-ceptance, understanding, connection, and true unconditional love.

We’ve made it easy for you, moms and dads, by combining our years of experience in the parenting and family education field to help you the way we’ve helped hundreds of other families. Progressive Parenting provides you with professionally produced, yet authentic educational videos that guide you towards helping your child build a stronger sense of self as well an awareness of others."

About Barbara Olinger, MSW
Barbara Olinger, MSW, is Director of Family Development at the YWCA Santa Mon-ica/Westside and co-founder of the YWCA Family Cooperative Preschool. For more than three decades she has delivered educational services and therapeutic support to thousands of children and their families. Recognized for her commitment to promoting children’s de-velopmental needs and healthy family relationships, Barbara is a featured parenting con-sultant on the national website KidsInTheHouse.com and she is the producer of two parent-ing DVD “Welcoming Your Second Child” and "Growing From The Roots: A Practical Guide To The Art Of Parenting"

In her private practice, Barbara focuses on providing practical tools to parents and teach-ers, supporting the growth of strong families, and developing innovative approaches to edu-cating children. Ms. Olinger received her master of social work degree from Smith College School for Social Work and started her career as a clinical therapist at the North Central Connecticut Mental Health Systems, Inc. She has also worked with the Santa Mon-ica/Malibu Unified School District Infant and Family Support Program. She has two sons, Alex and Nathan, and lives in California where she loves to hike, read, and support her sons in their active, creative endeavors.