Mind Persuasion

Mind Persuasion Innovates New Form of Hypnosis to Transform Self Perception Overnight

Mind Persuasion has created a new unique blend of hypnosis, relaxation and immersion to help individuals get superior confidence to tackle the problem areas of their personal development.


Seal Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Self help is both a popular and often derided subject, comprising of books, tapes, videos and more designed to help people deal with their own perceived issues. Self help promises to improve confidence, presentation skills, success in business and more, but with varying results. Many find the only effective way to re-wire the cognitive thought models that trap people in bad behavior cycles is to bypass the conscious mind through hypnosis. Mind Persuasion is a new and innovative series that has proven more effective than any before it owing to a combination of new techniques and recording methods.

Mind Persuasion uses binaural, 3D sound recording and creates in-depth soundscapes to transport the mind beyond the present and into the space where it can redefine itself in safety. This is achieved through a combination of Milton Model Linguistic Presuppositions designed to provide revelatory experiences that can redefine how people see themselves and the world.

The series has already proven popular with users, and the Mind Persuasion YouTube channel has millions of views already. Their website is offering people the chance to sign up to a free news letter in order to receive a sample recording, to see what an immediate difference it can make.

A spokesperson for Mind Persuasion explained, “Self confidence is the foundation of so many other related skills, and having it can make all the difference in almost every area of one’s life, including both business and pleasure. Our series is about building up that sense of self-confidence without crossing over into arrogance, aggrandizement or delusion. Instead, a calm sense of assurance is combined with an openness and empathy that takes away the fear associated with many social interactions, helping people prosper in life. Those who want to try it for themselves need only visit our website to find out more, and get a free sample of how it works.”

About Mind Persuasion
Mind Persuasion is a cutting edge series devoted to self improvement, dating skills, wealth generation and mind development through proven technology, hypnosis, and advanced linguistics. The program has proven extremely effective for those interested in developing their confidence and leadership skills, and their YouTube channel attracts half a million views a month. For more information please visit: http://mindpersuasion.com/