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Mind Power and Keys for Shaping Reality Revealed in New Book "Uberman, Almost Superhuman"


Woodlawn, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/13/2012 -- Each day, hundreds of people take control of their own reality with powerful truths revealed in the new book “Uberman, Almost Super Human” by Jason and Skye Mangrum. The book presents mind power techniques, lessons and tools for unlocking ultimate human potential.

Today, the sciences all understand that “reality” is given form by our internal perceptions rather than any outward construct or force. Unfortunately, the vast majority of humans do not understand the ultimate power of this ancient truth in their daily lives. In the new book “Uberman, Almost Superhuman,” readers are learning lessons backed by scientific facts that empower them to take control of their own reality and manifest the life that they desire. “The book is the culmination of 11 years of intensive research, trial and error to bring together the scientific and esoteric truths that have empowered people to take control of their reality for centuries,” said Author Jason Mangrum.

Explaining in plain language through lessons and exercises for the reader, the book basically picks up where the popular book “The Secret” leaves off. Presenting core lessons and techniques on how to manifest personal desires through control of personal reality, readers learn astonishing secrets and new breakthrough technologies for altering consciousness and activating the "uber" within.

Designed as a series of lessons and exercises, the book shows the reader proven ways to unlock the secrets of the subconscious mind and manifest the natural superhuman abilities within themselves. From the real meaning behind the Law of Attraction, to the true secrets of visualization, the book presents techniques for unleashing full potential in life, health, love and happiness. The book reveals the esoteric knowledge hidden and symbolized within the exoteric doctrine (religion) and unveils the inner-meaning behind the sacred mysteries.

Readers will learn techniques and gain access to videos for clear thinking, self healing, prosperity, freedom from addictions and fears as well as how to overcome any challenge and much more. “While most people understand that positive thinking can manifest itself in their personal reality, few people know how to apply all of the techniques and lessons handed down throughout time to make permanent changes in their lives,” said Mangrum. “This book gives them the powerful tools that they need to accomplish that goal.” For more information and to purchase a copy of the book, please visit http://www.AlmostSuperHuman.com

About Author Jason Mangrum
Jason Mangrum is an award-winning author, entrepreneur, success skills trainer and modern- day mystic that has been called a “marketing mad scientist.” Leaving a ten-year career in Internet Marketing, he left to fully embrace his true passion for sharing the amazing powers of the Mind with anyone ready to experience instant and sometimes profound changes in their lives. His new book “Uberman, Almost Super Human” presents mind power techniques, lessons and tools for unlocking ultimate human potential.