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Mind Tech Aims to Benefit Every Child with Dermatoglyphics Multiple Intelligence Test in India

Mind Tech is a group of various professionals for promotion and awareness about Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test in India. It is a kind of matrix for the assessment of true potential of children in different fields of life rather than just language, logic and mathematics.


Mumbai, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Children can be guided to the direction which is most suitable for them, only if their potential can be assessed non-intrusively at an early age. Dermatoglyphics multiple intelligence test (DMIT) is an assessment package formulated by researchers at various universities in the World for the determination of potentials of a child in different fields of life in a non-intrusive manner. The programme has been successful and adopted is many developed countries for better nurturing of children. While the matrix has even reached Asia and many countries such as Malaysia have included it compulsorily into the course of education, DMIT is much less known in India. Several professionals from different fields have formed a dynamic group to propel the spreading of awareness about DMIT in India.

The ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’ is the core of DMIT programme. Prof. Howard Gardner of Harvard University proposed the theory in revolutionary book ‘Frames of Mind’ in 1983. The major ground-breaking contributions of the book are redefinition of the concept of intelligence and the way it addresses the questions raised on scientific authenticity the methods which are claimed to measure intelligence. Mind Tech has made the essential information related to the theory and DMIT easily available to Indians through its website and regular local initiatives. Indeed, the awareness about the concept of multiple intelligence and its utility in assessment of children at young age would have been less accessible and even lesser known in India without the effort of Mind Tech.

Mind Tech provides DMIT software, with the help of which parents and guardians can reveal intrinsic potential, innate work-management style, multiple intelligence distribution, learning sensitivity, preferred & dominate learning style, planning & psychological capability, allocation of various abilities and learning communication character in/of their children. These information will help parents and teachers understand the uniqueness in every child. Besides, Mind Tech offers counselling to guardians of children who have gone through DMIT in India. It can be very helpful in carving and paving the future of the children according to their speciality and, in the process, reduce the numbers of suicides related to education-stress.

The term Dermatoglyphics refers to the scientific study of fingerprints. It is the branch of science in which the patterns of skin ridges on palms, fingers, toes and soles of humans are studies. These studies reveal the congenital links between intrinsic quality and fingers of humans. Research in this field has been on for about 2 centuries. Dermatoglyphics has been evidently proven in medicine, anthropology, genetics and medicine. In recent years, application of Dermatoglyphics helped diagnose genetic abnormalities, congenital disorders, Down’s syndrome, etc. On the other hand, it has been found useful in employee recruitment, human resource management, educational fields, etc.

About Mind Tech
Mind Tech is a dynamic group of different professionals who collaborate to create awareness about and promote DMIT in India. There are more than 20 franchisee doctors and professors in various parts of India. Besides, detailed information is available at Mind Tech website.

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