Mind Wack Productions Seeks Funding Support via Indiegogo to Attend Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago


Kansas City, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Mind Wack Productions was formed around one main idea; make quality comics, novels, animations, and merchandise with entertaining and unique stories and characters.

Scott Lindsey and Chris Wacker have been working on their first big franchise which they have named, "Tekka," for almost 3 years now. Their work includes a web comic (ongoing), a variety of merchandise designs (available through their online store,) a table top board game, several small scale web games (in development), and a set of novels (Volume 1 in editing, available late 2014).

Mind Wack Productions is trying to raise $2000 to attend Wizard World Comic Con in Chicago August 21-24, 2014. They have stretched their personal funds to their limit already this year, and the support of their fans will go a long way towards launching the next phase of their projects.

The table fee is $400, travel and accommodations will be around $600, and the rest will go toward displays, prints of the first collection of the comic, some prints of other art, novel, buttons, bookmarks, and other various merchandise if there is enough left over.

Other than the satisfaction of helping an Indie comic company grow, the supporters will also receive some great perks and rewards. The project owners have special edition copies of the comic, t-shirts, original artwork, and much more.

The funding budget for this project has been fixed at $2,000.

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