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MindGems Releases Fast Duplicate File Finder with Full Windows 8 Support

MindGems Inc. the developer of Fast Duplicate File Finder and other PC maintenance and optimization software has released version of its free disk cleanup software Fast Duplicate File Finder.


Langley, BC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2013 -- "Our developer worked hard in order to make sure that all our tools are ready for the recent official release of Windows 8" says MindGems PR representative Linda Thompson. "I am glad to announce that all our tools are now Windows 8 compatible and our users can switch to the new operating system and buy a new PC knowing that they can install their favorite tools right away"

Besides the Windows 8 compatibility the free version of Fast Duplicate File Finder is packed with plenty of new features and fixes. The tool is well know for its accurate and fast performance and the fact that it does not rely on file names and sizes in order to identify duplicates. Nevertheless there are situations where a search for similar and duplicate file names is necessary and this is the major new feature in this brand new release. The tool can now find files with exact or similar names and the threshold of similarity can be controlled by setting a percentage in the project settings. Finding similar names can easily reveal multiple versions of a file, as usually users name them with dates or version numbers or append a word to the end of the file name like “My CV1.doc”, “My CV2013.doc”, “My CV-updated.doc” and so on.

While the free version of Fast Duplicate File Finder provides features for finding exact file duplicates and search for similar and exact file names Fast Duplicate File Finder Pro offers an option to find files with similar content. This handy feature can identify multiple revisions of the same documents in seconds. Improvements in the Pro version also include an advanced filtering module where the search can be narrowed to certain file types or folders based on location, file extension, date, time and so on. Options to help automation and control the application via the command line are also included. The results can be exported to CSV and XML file formats for additional analysis or use in a third party tool. Comparing "Source" and "Target" folders is something that the PRO version can take care of too by excluding the items in the "Source" folders from the auto-check feature. Auto-check is mechanism in the application for selecting duplicate copies of the files base on different properties while keeping at least one file as original in every group of duplicates.

Fast Duplicate File Finder uses advanced algorithms in order to complete the scans fast without compromising the accuracy of the results. While the disk cleanup tool can utilize all the cores available in the modern systems in order to complete the tasks as quickly as possible an option is available in the settings to let it work in the background with a lower priority in order not to disturb the user’s activity.

The free version of Fast Duplicate File Finder is available for download from the company web site at The Professional version can be purchased for $39.95 and includes free updates and support. Promotional discounts are often available through the publisher's web site, Blog and Newsletter. Permanent discounts are available for large quantities and are applied immediately upon checkout.

The free version of Fast Duplicate File Finder is included in the PCWorld Windows CD that comes with this month's issue of the PCWorld Magazine.

Fast Duplicate File Finder was named the best duplicate file finder tool by the major software magazines and wed sites.

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