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MindStir Media Book Provides Rules for Growing Older from a Christian Perspective

Ten Rules for Growing Older with Dignity, authored by Dr. Richard Cox, walks readers through ten rules that can be used to grow old with dignity.


Portsmouth, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2014 -- MindStir Media, a top Christian self-publishing company, has released Ten Rules for Growing Older with Dignity by Dr. Richard H. Cox. The Christian book, a 168-page paperback (ISBN: 9780985839826), is a quick and powerful read, centering on aging. As a physician, psychologist, and ordained minister, Dr. Cox’s book should be required reading for those getting older.

From the back cover: Aging is a phenomenon that can only be avoided by death. There is no handbook for growing up or growing old. In spite of the fact that every appliance, vehicle, and mechanical thing comes with a limited warranty, an instruction handbook, and return policies - the human does not. The process of growing up usually proceeds by accident, without much preparation, and life experiences present herculean surprises when they arrive. Most persons who survive into later life simply get old, but they do not get older with dignity.

Many do not prepare for aging, few truly believe they will ever be in that population and most simply struggle through it as a necessary purgatorial experience without much joy. If an author had the ability to command a conductor's baton on the end of a written word and synchronize knowledge from the fields of medicine, psychology, theology and his own personal experience into a fine instructional symphony for all people to learn how to live more effectively; Dr. Cox has accomplished it in this book.

“I’m exceptionally proud of this book and its message,” said J.J. Hebert, president of Christian book publisher MindStir Media. “Christians age just like everyone else, and it’s nice to see a book that can be somewhat of a ‘guide’ on the phenomenon. Aside from the Bible itself, this is the book to help cope with aging.”

Mr. Cox’s book has been met with rave reviews thus far. One reviewer hailed the book as a “life instruction manual,” while another was amazed by how “Richard provides sound practical advice on how to deal with so many subjects” and how he “offers personal, spiritual, and practical illustrations which bring his advice to life.”

Ten Rules for Growing Older with Dignity is available via, Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale distribution is also offered through Ingram and Baker & Taylor. The paperback retails for $12.99 and the ebook $4.99.

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