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MindStir Media Historical Novel Focuses on Eighth-Century King Charlemagne

Acacia Oak’s new historical fiction book humanizes legendary King Charlemagne and follows him through his critical years as king during the Dark Ages.


Portsmouth, NH -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/25/2014 -- Acacia Oak, the author of Warrior, Lover, King: Book 1: The Carolingian Chronicles (ISBN 978-0984276813), recounts in her latest MindStir Media published book the tale of the eighth-century king Charlemagne. Charlemagne was known for his love of learning, commitment to the spread of Christianity, and his efforts to educate the children of his realm. As a cool-headed soldier; a lustful, enthusiastic lover; and a thinking, compassionate king, he truly is a hero sprung from the Dark Ages.

After their father’s death, Charlemagne and his brother, Carloman, become rulers of the Carolingian kingdom. Understanding their duties very differently, the young men labor to protect and expand the Frankish realm. The Queen Mother’s influence and manipulation force the brothers down a path which threatens Charlemagne’s effectiveness and discounts Carloman’s efforts.

In less than three years, Charlemagne rules alone but has little confidence in his own decisions. As if by a miracle, he finds someone to believe in him, someone who bolsters his belief in himself -- Hildegard, a young maid from Swabia. But the king’s road is complicated; he is already married with a hunch-backed son.

Charlemagne must find the strength to defy his mother, to win the woman he loves, and to protect a realm which, through its poverty and illiteracy, is prey to enemies -- both within and without…

“I thoroughly enjoyed working on publishing Acacia Oak’s latest novel,” said J. J. Hebert, president of MindStir Media, a leader in self publishing. “Her book brings Charlemagne and the Dark Ages back to life … I feel honored to have worked with the author, in cooperation with At Last Communications, to publish this book. The success of this book just goes to show how valuable professional self publishing services are!”

Warrior, Lover, King: Book 1: The Carolingian Chronicles is available online at, Barnes & Noble and other fine retailers worldwide. Wholesale distribution is also available through Ingram.

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