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Lovers and enthusiasts of Minecraft have a product that helps to enhance the performance of the game. Minecraft Optifine is a tool to boost the performance of the gamer.


Ormond Beach, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/23/2012 -- Lovers and enthusiasts of Minecraft have a product that helps to enhance the performance of the game. Minecraft Optifine is a tool to boost the performance of the gamer. It is incredibly efficient and its users have reported their performance improved 3 times the normal FPS performance. Optifine is available in 5 versions and each version differs from others on the basis of certain features. The various versions of Optifine are named as Light, Standard, Smooth, Multi-core and AA. These versions are comparable on the basis of performance, grass and snow improvements, hi-definition textures and fonts, smooth connection in textures, random mobs, extended configurations, removal of lag spikes, multi-core CPU support, anti-allasing anisotropic filtering.

The download procedure of Optifine is simple and easy. There are several links to download various versions of Optifine. In case of Minecraft Optifine HD B3 Ultra, the chunk loading options of video settings can be switched to Standard, Smooth or Multi-core. In case of chunck loading Multi-core, the threaded optimisation/ open GL threading has to be globally deactivated for graphics card to get the best results. Minecraft Optifine B2 Light improves FPS by 20FPS or more on slow systems. However, extended configuration and high-definition are not available in this version and it is not compatible with Forge and ModLoader.

To decrease stuttering Minecraft Optifine HD C6 Smooth is optimum. In Minecraft Optifine HD C6 Multi-core natural textures, on/off for animation, reset video settings and fixed connected textures have been added. This version supports Forge 164 and has fixed bugs with non-square textures. There are similar enhancement differences among all the versions of Optifine. A new version, named Minecraft Optifine HD A7 AA is under development phase and would be merged with other version once it is completely developed. These clearly indicate the passion of developers Optifine for Minecraft.

Optifine can be launched manually or with the help of Magic Launcher. Installation through Magic launcher is simple and semi-automated. The installation procedure for Windows or Linux and Mac are different. In Windows or Linux, minecraft.jar file has to be opened in an archive such as WinRar after the creation of back-up file. In Mac, however, minecraft.jar has to be renamed to minecraft.zip after the back-up creation. The resultant folder is to be renamed as minecraft.jar and opened.

The black-screen error of Minecraft Optifine is common and can be troubleshot through different ways. The website of Optifine suggests 3 different troubleshooting techniques any one of which would treat the black-screen error. It is notable that troubleshooting steps are the most common ones but if the issue persists, the administrator can be contacted through the contact form. Any query, disturbance, etc. can be clarified through the contact form. All one has to do is type his/her message, enter the email address and submit the form. The queries are answered quite soon.

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Minecraft Optifine is a tool to enhance the performance of Minecraft game. The tool is robust and has various versions to meet varieties of demands. Besides, it is continuously updated to always provide high-class performance to users.