Mini Dental Implants: Are They the Cure for Denture Woes


Mesa, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2013 -- Dental Implants have long been an option for those seeking a more permanent alternative to dentures. The only downside to full-size dental implants is the cost. Someone needing multiple dental implants could be facing dental care expenses amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. The surgery itself is also more painful and more invasive when standard implants are used. However, dentures tend to create a variety of uncomfortable issues when used alone. Yet they are a part of life for many Americans facing severe gum disease or tooth loss.

Recently a new option has come to onto the market. Safe, less invasive, and more cost-effective the mini dental implant does much of the work of a standard implant but for a fraction of the price. Mini dental implants are great for individuals who lack the health to undergo invasive standard implant surgery, with the same basic effects. They are also easier and less expensive for individuals hoping to anchor their dentures or partials, rather than purchase a prosthetic implant replacement for every tooth.

Mini dental implants are a great option for individuals with prosthetic teeth. They can be placed in-office in under an hour. The recovery time is brief, discomfort is minimal, and there are no stitches and no scalpels. The process still works quite similarly to standard dental implants. A titanium bolt still takes the place of a root; a prosthetic tooth is still added to the top. However, the depth of implantation is far less and the outcome, still just as effective.

After getting mini dental implants, individuals with prosthetics are able to eat anything they want and speak without a single issue. Teeth feel more natural and the discomfort of wearing dentures becomes virtually no-existent. Slipping and other issues prevalent with prosthetics are cured with the implantation of a few mini dental implants to serve as an anchor for other false teeth.

For residents of the Mesa, Arizona area dentist seeking this oral health option, the dental professionals at Arizona Dental Service, Inc. have recently begun offering mini dental implants as a viable option. The practice which is open for service Monday through Thursday and by appointment on Saturday, offers this and a variety of other innovative oral health services at highly affordable rates. Financing options, such as Care Credit are available to individuals who need a bit of help paying for care and the team at Arizona Dental Service, Inc. works with insurance companies and patients to offer services at the lowest out-of-pocket expense possible.

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