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"Mini Starry String Lights Line", on a Silver Wire, Battery Operated, Launched by Qualizzi

Qualizzi has launched a new version of decorative light strings, The Mini Starry Lights. These 7-foot, LED-lit strands feature 20 bulbs and are adjustable. Ideal for crafts, home decor or businesses, the Mini Starry Lights are battery powered, and are a shorter portable version of Qualizzi’s 20-foot Starry Lights line.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Qualizzi, the makers of the Starry Lights line, has launched a shorter and more portable version of their decorative string lights. The Starry Lights Mini is an ultra-thin silver coated copper wire of battery-powered micro LED bulbs, offering a warm, white glow that extends for 7 feet.

Both items were designed to help accent patios, children’s rooms or craft work with a soft lighting alternative. The flexible and durable design makes them functional in almost any setting, from home and garden to upscale restaurants.

The Starry Lights Mini is a follow-up to Qualizzi’s popular Starry Lights line, which extends for 20 feet of a copper wire, using the almost same design, but with battery operated string lights. Qualizzi representative Minna Notto said the company launched the shorter version based on direct feedback from customers.

While the Starry String Lights original runs for 20 feet and contains 120 warm white lights, the Mini Starry Lights is 7 feet with 20 bulbs. The Mini Starry Lights is powered by 3 AA batteries, producing virtually no heat.

The battery powered micro LED bulbs run on a silver-coated, ultra-thin copper wire. This can be molded to fit individual needs, with the wire practically disappearing at a distance, leaving only the effects of the bulbs.

The company believes their customers will find many new and creative uses for the inexpensive decorative lines, just as they did with the longer version. The shorter battery string lights were created specifically with craft makers in mind.

The Qualizzi Star Lights and Mini Star Lights line are each safe for use in environments with pets and children seven and up.

The Mini Starry Lights from Qualizzi provide a unique and cost efficient source of alternative lighting for both home and business. The battery powered light strings are adjustable and durable, and can be purchased at either or their Amazon store.

About Qualizzi
Qualizzi Star Lights a new company based in Las Vegas has a big hit product launched two months ago and aim to provide many high quality and useful products in the near future to add easiness to people's lives.

Media Contact: Minna Notto,
Qualizzi Products LLC
848 N. Rainbow Blvd. #4892
Las Vegas, NV 89107. U. S. A
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