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Minimalist Brand Launches Kickstarter Campaign - Sheer - The Ultimate ODORLESS & WATERPROOF Travel Jacket


Singapore -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2017 -- Alphonso Ngiam, founder of the Minimalist Brand, announced that he will be launching a Kickstarter project on Jan. 24, 2017 to raise the $20,000 needed to fund production and distribution of his latest creation, sheer - The Ultimate ODORLESS & WATERPROOF Travel Jacket. The garment is highlighted by 18 of the most highly sought and needed features for busy people on the go.

"Our products has been designed and built upon the principles of "One Thing Less," said Alphonso.

The Minimalist Brand, Sheer – The Ultimate Odourless & Waterproof Travel Jacket incorporates convenience and cutting edge technology to ensure wearers enjoys optimal comfort during any activity in multiple weather conditions. The unique outerwear is highly versatile, uniquely portable, and the sheer, lightweight design allows individuals to fold the jacket down into a small, space-saving bundle when not in use.

Available in black, blue and grey, the minimalist jacket has an exterior made of waterproof fabric, even the zippers. It's lined with organic bamboo fabric that has a variety of premium qualities. Bamboo fabric is breathable, has thermal regulating and insulating qualities, and contains innate anti-bacterial properties that enable the fabric to fight the growth of bacteria that leads to odours.

A zippered, detachable hood is integrated into the travel jacket's design that's equipped with a sleeping mask. A hidden zippered pocket contains a travel pillow that's easily inflated with just two breaths and is equipped with a quick-deflate mechanism. Wearers will find a pair of attached hidden gloves for warmth that fold back under the cuffs when they're not needed or individuals can simply keep their hands toasty in the warming pockets.

The minimalist jacket is designed with eight utility pockets for essentials that include a wallet, passport, pen and keys. The phone pocket is large enough to accommodate an iPhone 7 plus with room to spare and the pocket for sunglasses includes a frame loop to hold them securely in place. A cable opening facilitates earphone management and the jacket contains a magnetic earphone holder. A combination detachable clip and bottle opener completes the jacket.

The Minimalist Brand's Kickstarter campaign provides individuals with a unique opportunity to help fund one of the most innovative products available and be one of the first to obtain the unique jacket. Sheer, The Ultimate ODORLESS & WATERPROOF Travel Jacket offers an ideal solution for hikers, campers, students, frequent travellers and anyone who wants to travel light, unencumbered by bulky bags, backpacks and luggage.

About Minimalist Brand
The Minimalist Brand works in a humble studio based in Singapore and is comprised of three friends who began designing a line of minimalist wallets with a Kickstarter campaign in 2014. Sheer Jacket is the company's latest contribution, providing an all-purpose modern solution for work and play. The company is committed to creating products that will improve the efficiency of everyone's daily life, allowing people to enjoy the simplicity derived from complexity.

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