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Naperville, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/22/2013 -- Mining Market in Central, Northern and Eastern Africa - Key Trends, Production, Reserves, Competitive Landscape, Active and Planned Projects of Key Countries


The Central, North and East African regions produce copper, diamonds and phosphate on a large scale. In 2011, the Central African region accounted for 43% of the global industrial diamond production, North Africa accounted for 21% of the global phosphate rock production, and East Africa produced more than 5% of global copper output. Additionally, deposits of 10 minerals, which primarily include bauxite, coal, gold, iron ore, uranium and other base metals, are under development in the three regions. 

Central Africa is the major investment destination of the three regions, with mining projects valued over $11 billion. Investments are primarily concentrated in bauxite, diamond, gold, iron ore and base metal deposits in Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo. Central Africa is expected to be a significant producer of gold in the near future. The region’s gold production will increase from the current 250-300 thousand ounces to a range of 950-1000 thousand ounces by 2016, primarily due to the start of production from the Kibali gold project in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The North African region is driven by the substantial reserves of phosphate primarily located in Morocco, which produced around 28 million metric tons (MMt) of phosphate rock in 2011. Office Chérifien des Phosphates (OCP), which is the largest producer of phosphate in the region, plans to invest around $4.2 billion to develop the infrastructure around the mines and expand the country’s phosphate production to around 55 MMt by 2020. In addition, Australia-based company Celamin Holdings, with investments of up to $1 billion, is developing phosphate deposits in Tunisia.

The East African region’s development is focused on the coal, gold, iron ore and uranium sectors. Coal production from the region was in the range of 400-450 thousand metric tons in 2011, and is expected to exceed 100 MMt by 2020 due to six coal projects that are expected to start production in Mozambique during 2013–2015. The value of the projects focused on developing coal, gold and iron ore deposits in Mozambique is expected to exceed $7 billion. In addition, Zambia is expected to see investments of up to $2.5 billion during the period 2012–2015, with copper and cobalt being the key sectors.


- The report analyzes the mining industry of the Central, Northern and Eastern African regions with select countries in focus.
- It also includes sections that discuss the trends in production and the reserves of select metals and minerals.
- The competitive landscape covers the top players in the mining industry in the Central, Northern and Eastern African regions, with the major active and planned projects.
- Countries Scope: The mining sectors of Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia are covered for North Africa. In Central Africa, the mining sectors of Angola, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Gabon are dealt with in detail. For East Africa, an overview of the mining sectors in Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia is provided in the report
- Metals and Minerals Scope: The report covers trends in the Central, Northern and Eastern African regions’ metals and minerals production with a primary focus on coal, copper, diamonds, gold, manganese and phosphate. The potential for exploring bauxite, iron ore, lead, silver, zinc and uranium deposits have been dealt with in brief.

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- Facilitate decision making and strategy formulation on the basis of strong historic and forecast production.
- Identify key growth and investment opportunities in the region's mining industry.
- Position yourself to take advantage of the industry’s growth potential.

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