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Ministry Designs Announces Compassion Connection


Kalamazoo, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/13/2014 -- Throughout the history of Christianity churches have traditionally lagged behind in terms of the adoption of technology and embracing what that technology has to offer. Recently this trend has started to reverse itself, as churches realized the power of the internet and sought to create a virtual space where they can reach new people and where members can tithe or get information. Ministrydesigns is the leading web design firm for churches who want to adopt the latest web development and mobile support for their websites. Now Ministrydesigns is pleased to announce the new Compassion Connection program as part of their services.

The staff at Ministrydesigns is made up of Christians committed to the idea of spreading the Gospel through the use of their skills and technological expertise. With over 25 years of combined experience, the staff can design and support sites that are at the cutting edge of technology. A church with a website that is more than five years old will find that it is lagging behind the current technology, especially if people try to access the site from a smartphone or tablet. Sites now have to be optimized for this mobile platform, and Ministrydesigns builds that optimization into every site that they create. This means that no matter how members or visitors access the site they are sure to get a clean and great looking page.

The new Compassion Connection further helps to advance the ministry goals of Ministrydesigns by sending aid to children in need around the world. For every ten sites that Ministrydesigns sells a child will receive a sponsorship pledge that will provide food. healthcare and educational support that will change their lives forever.

Churches can find templates and other useful tools before they make a purchase at so they have some idea about what they will be getting for their purchase. With the expertise and the commitment to ministry that Ministrydesigns shows they are poised to stay the leader in church web development for quite some time.

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