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Minor Workout Adjustments for Major Improvements


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- An exercise routine is essential to increasing fitness performance, but every so often the routine needs adjustments. Switching exercises or modifying certain moves to make them more difficult will keep the muscles of the body guessing and help push the body over any plateaus a person is experiencing.

One exercise commonly done in weight lifting is a stiff-leg deadlift. While this is a fantastic exercise for lower-back and hamstring strength, it can put pressure on the lower back and briefly cut off circulation between the legs and heart. The solution? Soften the knees into a Romanian deadlift movement to take pressure off the back and keep the blood flowing for maximum muscle enhancement.

For the upper body a common strength-building exercise is the behind-the-neck Military Press in which a weighted bar is lifted from behind the neck over the head to strengthen the shoulders. This movement can put a person at risk for impingement injuries, which could stall strength building progress and even put the person out of the gym for a period of time. Instead of keeping the bar behind the neck, move it in front of the body directly above the shoulders. This not only reduces loads on the joints, but will recruit muscles of the chest arms and back as well.

Pushups are essential for developing well-defined muscles in the shoulders and chest, and strength in the abdominals and core muscles of the back. Though this is a difficult exercise, if a person notices it becoming easier it may be time to change to a different form of pushup. Valslide pushups require movement in the arms as the hands slide away from the body, and recruits core muscles as well to boost the overall intensity of the same movement.

In order to progress physically, the muscles of the body need stimulation and change. Try these adding these modifications to a workout routine to see how the body responds and reap the strength building rewards.

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