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Mira Oil Launches Its Ayurvedic Product That Pampers Hair Follicles

Natural and chemical-free secret to longer, thicker and more luxurious hair now arrives in a bottle


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2014 -- Losing hair does not mean losing sleep anymore! Mira Oil, a fast hair growth formula, is available to help individuals suffering from hair loss get back their crowning glory. The oil is the product of a recipe that has been handed down over generations in a family, perfected over time through scientific studies and research. The mastermind behind the creation of the antibacterial and hair loss arresting concoction is Dr. Biswajit Mukherjee, a medical expert who has devoted many years of his life to the study of Ayurveda.

Unlike the standard hair potions available in the market which promise hair growth, Mira oil does not contain only vitamins and herbs, but also 100% natural, organic secret ingredients that work superfast to make fast hair growth a viable reality. Most of these are traditional Indian Ayurvedic herbs that clarify, moisturize and hydrate the hair cuticles for encouraging hair growth, alongwith secret natural ingredients from North and South India that leave the hair stronger, softer and silkier with every usage. Other conditioning herbs like Lawsonia Inermis Henna, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf etc. also find a place in Mira hair oil. Incidentally, the coconut oil that is included in the product is ‘extra virgin’ coconut oil extract that is derived directly from coconut water, and not precisely the oil.

Mira hair oil, the website specifically mentions, is risk-free and can be used for all kinds of hair losses and all hair types, irrespective of whether it is curly, straight or wavy. One month of usage is needed to experience the beneficial effects which include fast hair growth, split-end repair, smoothening of frizzy hair and of course, revitalization of the hair growth cycle. It prolongs the hair growth phase too and the product can be used as a gel for styling hair as well. However, it does need some hair follicles to start working upon and so may not work for some specific kinds of male pattern baldness.

Mira oil comes with a 60-day money back guarantee and a free hibiscus shampoo.

A spokesperson of the Mira Hair Oil website says, ‘Our product is aimed to provide hair loss sufferers an inexpensive solution to fast hair growth and revitalized strands…this is a secret formula and till date, unmatched.”

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Mira Oil http://www.mirahairoilinfo.com/ is a natural hair therapy concoction that is 100% chemical-free. Mira oil promises to bring back bouncing hair and improved hair health for hair loss sufferers, on application.

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