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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Introduces Weight Loss Miracle Noodles; a Perfect Addition to Prescription hCG Diet

hCGTreatments now offers Miracle Noodles; a fat and carbohydrate free noodle famed for its excellence as a diet food.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/27/2012 -- Diet Doc recently began offering fat free and calorie free weight loss Miracle Noodles to customers trying to lose weight naturally, or while on their prescription hCG diet plan. The company believes that dieting does not have to be bland and boring, thus they consider Miracle Noodles a great addition to a low calorie diet.

These zero calorie and zero fat Asian and Italian style noodles were originally produced in Japan. For those addicted to delicious pasta and rice noodles, Miracle Noodles are a healthy way to fulfill hankerings for starchy and carbohydrate-laden foods. They are available in different flavors and many varieties such as fettuccini, garlic herb, angel hair, spinach, black shirataki, and standard Asian rice noodles. These fat free and calorie free noodles that are made of natural water soluble fiber are also gluten free, carbohydrate free, and kosher. There is no cooking involved; the only thing that dieters need to do is pour tepid water over the noodles and mix them with heated sauce to make tasty noodle dishes that perfectly compliment their prescription hCG diet.

According to Calorie Count, a single serving (1 cup) of regular cooked rice noodles contains 43.8g of carbohydrates, or 175 calories just from carbohydrates. Each serving of regular cooked rice noodles contains 192 calories, consisting of almost nothing but carbohydrates. There are 4 calories in a gram of carbohydrate and 3500 calories in a pound of fat, which means eating regular cooked rice noodles constitute one fifth of a pound of possible fat which can be eliminated from a diet by simply replacing them with these Miracle Noodles. Patients no longer have to cheat on their diet or follow bland and boring diets to lose weight.

hCGTreatments, the provider of the nation's most affordable and effective hCG diet is now an authorized retailer of Miracle Noodle. Patients are also given access to a number of weight loss tools and healthy diet foods, similar to Miracle Noodles offering easy meal planning with minimal effort. By adding Miracle Noodles to their stable of delicious diet foods, Diet Doc hopes to keep dieters engaged and interested in maintaining dietary goals while eliminating monotonous repetition of food choices. The team of physicians and nutritionists at this company tailor a customized weight loss diet for every client, taking into account a number of factors such as like medical history, age, gender, and lifestyle.

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