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Miracles and Invaluable Lessons: Innovative Book About People over Fifty Finds Its Way Into College Curriculums

Written by Gayle Leona Jabour and Daniel Tigner, ‘The Time of Your Life - Everyone Has a Story’ has in the short time since its release gained favor with educators, readers and the media. It is already being used with much success in courses in developmental psychology where both professors and students have found the stories of people aged fifty and older to be real, informative, accessible and engaging.


Ottawa, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2014 -- The forty mini-biographies in ‘The Time of Your Life – Everyone Has a Story’ are inspiring students in psychology, sociology, gerontology and health to learn more about older generations.

“This book is unique, I have found nothing else like it,” writes Dr. Sharon Rukin, a Professor of Developmental Psychology, in Chicago, Illinois.

Over the course of one year, the authors interviewed forty people between the ages of early fifties to late nineties.

“It’s a testament to how rich and intriguing ‘normal’ people can be,” says Jabour. “Often, we believe that only celebrities are worthy of notice. Our book proves that’s a myth.”

The biographies reflect the vividly multi-cultural fabric of North American society and the undeniable zest for life of the subjects – belying the idea that “it’s all downhill” after fifty.

“I teach an undergraduate class in Developmental Psychology that explores unfoldment throughout the lifespan,” says Dr. Sharon Rukin. “Rather than working from a text book, this year, I used the book The Time of Your Life - Everyone Has a Story, which presents real life stories from people over fifty in their own voices, as a way for the students to begin to appreciate the fullness of development in the later stages of life. Not only did the students really connect with the individual stories, they also came away with a much deeper and richer sense of what people can do and experience during middle adulthood and elderhood.”

“We envision The Time of Your Life—Everyone Has a Story being widely used in courses on aging, retirement, palliative care and gerontology, says co-author Tigner. The biographies cut through the age barrier. Students feel empathy, and are often genuinely surprised by the humour and vibrancy of the stories. There’s a common belief that elderly people don’t have a multi-faceted human experience. It’s as if they’re defined only by their age. Our book provides invaluable insight into why that’s simply not true and allows readers to explore living, breathing history.”


Imagine the core insights and experiences of a lifetime normally found in a 300-page biography condensed into four or five pages. The Time of Your Life—Everyone Has a Story recounts the essence of the lives of forty people in their early fifties to late nineties and what it is that makes them who they are.

”It is a book that I think will have great value and be not only inspiring to people approaching retirement or already in retirement but sort of a road map to a lot of them, too.” writes Gord Atkinson, well known radio personality.

The authors have been thrilled with the positive response to the book.

“It's a moving and enlightening book. I enjoyed it enormously.” Andrea Coombes, Personal Finance Writer/Editor.

“The stories are written in such an engaging way that it is like listening to each one of them speaking to you personally. It is almost like you are in the room with them as they tell their stories,” writes Yvonne Hough in the winter 2014 edition of Horizons, a magazine for retired teachers. “It is a very honest portrayal of people’s lives after retirement…They tell of their experiences and express honestly and openly the good and the bad, the easy and the difficult, sharing their thoughts and wisdom.”

‘The Time of Your Life – Everyone Has a Story’ (ISBN: 978-1-77123-032-2), is published by General Store Publishing House, Renfrew, Ontario (www.gsph.com).

Ask for ‘The Time of Your Life – Everyone Has a Story’ at your local book store or purchase a copy online at www.gsph.com or at other online booksellers.

For more information, visit the author’s website: www.revealinglightproductions.com

Contact: Gayle Leona Jabour / 613-729-3089 / leona@magma.ca, Daniel Tigner / 819-682-0205 / dt@essences.ca

About the Authors
Gayle Leona Jabour has been a CBC production coordinator on a number of television and film documentaries, including The Nature of Things. She joined the CRTC in Ottawa as researcher and Canadian content coordinator for the task force on the implementation of the first Canadian Content Regulations for the Canadian film and television production industry.

Daniel Tigner has a graduate degree in Education and has taught both high school and college. As well, Daniel is an avid nature and people photographer.