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Miranda Hart's Maracattack DVD (For Fitness and Weight Loss) Is Now on Sale in the UK, Reports Exercise Review Site


Wells, Somerset -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2013 -- Miranda Hart's Maracattack fitness DVD has recently gone on sale in the UK, and it is proving to be very popular as it has already become the top-selling workout DVD on Amazon.

According to this DVD review from Exercise-Review-Site.com, what makes this one stand out from the rest is that it is not just another monotonous exercise DVD.

It does include a full 60-minute workout that can help with fitness and weight loss, but it also provides people with brand new sketches from her hit comedy Miranda.

Furthermore despite the fact that the workout itself is quite strenuous and performed alongside a personal trainer, it also contains plenty of comedy moments that will provide plenty of entertainment and amusement during each workout.

The workout requires a pair of maracas, which people can buy for just a few pounds, and involves a lot of dance moves and exercises that are performed to a backing track full of cheesy pop songs.

Miranda is always very funny anyway, so seeing her dancing around with maracas is clearly very amusing, and yet it is still a good all-round workout because it includes a cardio workout, a high intensity cardio workout and strengthening exercises for the arms, legs, core and buttocks.

A spokesperson for Exercise-Review-Site.com said:

"It would be very easy to dismiss this as a comedy DVD rather than a serious workout DVD. However whilst there are some comedy moments, and indeed some brand new sketches from Miranda Hart's TV show, the workout itself will still help to burn lots of calories, making it ideal for weight loss."

"Furthermore it can also be used for toning as well because it is designed to work various different parts of the body."

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