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Miss Diamond DJ Announces New DJ Academy in Dubai


Dubai, UAE -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/21/2013 -- Miss Diamond DJ, in cooperation with the London DJ Academy, has launched a new educational venture in Dubai aimed at helping to train anyone who has ever aspired to be a DJ. “Finding a place to hone and learn quality skills is extremely important to the formation process of prospective DJ’s,” she explained, “and The DJ Academy Dubai is now open to provide students with the knowledge and hands-on practice to become a professional.”

Why Miss Diamond DJane started The DJ Academy Dubai

After successfully opening a similar academy in Switzerland, with rave reviews and a growing interest among professional, amateur and beginning DJs, Miss Diamond is now branching out into the Middle East, where club music enjoys a large following. The DJ Academy in Dubai is certified by the famous Ministry of Sound out of London, England.  They have opened in Switzerland as the first subsidiary of the famous London DJ Academy outside of the United Kingdom.  They teach all levels of DJing, from beginner to advanced, and everything in-between.

Classes Offered by Miss Diamond DJ

The DJ Academy Dubai offers classes for beginners that are interested in getting started.  A beginner will learn about the equipment, learn how to mix properly, and how to play at their first parties.

An Intermediate DJ can take a class that will explain how to perform in a club, manage a crowd, and learn interesting transitions and FX.  They will also be taught how to connect and work with club owners and bookers; necessary skills that every aspiring DJ needs to have in order to get gigs and negotiate contracts.

Even a professional can take a class to improve their performance. This has proven very popular as new technology, sounds, and techniques are added to the field on a continual basis. It is also advantageous for those in the UAE who want to learn from international performers like Miss Diamond. This class will teach higher-level skills such as how to give media interviews, take on international bookings, and how to manage fans.  Most of all, it will teach the professional, who makes their livelihood in the club scene, how to ensure they are being paid properly and sufficiently for their talents.

Other Services

A student can learn the trick of the DJ trade either by attending local classes, or by attending classes remotely. Miss Diamond endeavors to use digital options in order to reach those who may not, because of distance or time constraints, be able to attend classes in person.  In addition, in order to accommodate the sensibilities of females in the UAE who might be interested in the courses, there are also classes led by female tutors like Miss Diamond DJane.

The school also offers DJ support services, such as “Mixtape Review.”  And, if a student requires specialized career coaching, the academy offers that as well.

Anyone wanting to learn from veteran club professionals like Miss Diamond, who is an international presence, will get that at The DJ Academy Dubai. The academy only brings in Ministry of Sound tutors, such as Chad Jackson, who is a star tutor, best known for his hit single, “Hear the Drummer, (Get Wicked).”  There are also other well-known tutors, such as Jonathan, made famous as “DJ Tutor” on his YouTube channel.

If interested in the DJ Academy Dubai, visit their website at, where one can also learn more about the tutors, like Miss Diamond DJane. Prospective students can also obtain more details about the classes they offer, and get their phone number.  If looking for a career as a DJ, this school has all the important factors necessary to making it big.  They offer professionals and tutors, and provide a full range of information, starting from how to use the equipment to managing success. For more, contact Miss Diamond DJane via the website, where individuals can also register to win a free course.

Name: Miss Diamond Djane
Address: 39 Street, Dubai, UAE
Phone: +971 43 792 584