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Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Heroes Amongst Us is a series by Deborah Kelly. Ten episodes will be produced for the first season with a bonus episode available online. Statistics show that one out of five Americans currently has a disability. Statistical data out of Canada paints a similar picture with one of seven Canadians suffering from a disability. According to these numbers will increase exponentially with our aging baby boomer population.

In the fast food society we live in today, people look for resolutions, answers and quick fixes with long term or permanent results. In the medical world, sometimes the fight can take a little longer. However, the good news is everything is possible. Whether the disability is an extension of an already existing medical problem like diabetes, or whether the sufferer is a victim of a stroke, heart attack, sports injury, car accident or surgery, perseverance, good humor and not taking “no,” for an answer can often be the antidote.

The physicians in society are over worked and don’t have the time to battle every case that presents itself; so it is every patient's personal responsibility to fight for themselves or on behalf of a friend or family member. The members of “Heroes Amongst Us,” want to help the public become more aware of the alternative solutions available to those with medical concerns as a patient or care-giver, that even their most trusted doctors may not be aware.

Great research and cutting edge technology is changing traditional medicine across the world. Miss Kelly, herself was restricted to a wheelchair from RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy) a neuro-muscular that acts auto-immune. In layman terms that means due to an error during surgery, her body started attacking itself. Against all odds Miss Kelly did not accept her new restricted life and put up a fight. After five years of intense motivation, physiotherapy, MAT and stem cell treatment Miss Kelly now walks with a cane.

Whether or not most people realize it the startling statistics of people in North America living with disabilities is only increasing as well as across the globe. One's own health or the health of loved ones could be affected next. In most people's lifetime someone or possibly many people they know could be the next victim. No one believes they could be next. As an international model who worked with Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton and Herb Ritts, Miss Kelly never believed that was her destiny.

The short stories Miss Kelly seeks to share through her crowdfunding project not only bring hope, but they give answers to questions and report the latest in medical advancements ,making today’s breakthroughs tomorrow’s cures. Each half hour episode will have 5-7 news stories of individuals overcoming unfathomable odds and one featured segment on either the heroic injured soldiers or the astounding athletes in special Olympics.

This project will look at the extraordinary men and women who have fought for freedom and who have battled their way back to an active life after overcoming injuries and unspeakable circumstances. It will have people riveted and awed by the power of its narrative and the strength of the everyday people who are the real “Heroes Amongst Us.”

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