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Missionary Agriculturist Embraces Technology to Spread the Gift of Growing This Holiday Season


Lakewood Ranch, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/11/2013 -- What started as one man’s mission to help his fellow missionaries create a sustainable food source is quickly turning into a movement and introducing gardening to a new audience. Meet Lee Jones, the, quiet, humble engineering-minded giant of a man with a laugh friendly enough to make even Santa blush. Lee, is the Director of Agriculture for Gardinier Florida Citrus Inc., a Florida based citrus operation owned by the Gardinier brothers, a trio who also happen to own vineyards in the Bordeaux region of France, and have a corporate office in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Besides being a Master of Agriculture, Lee also spends much of his free time doing Missionary work throughout the world.

Lee began his missionary work through Dunklin Memorial, a Drug and Alcohol Regeneration Center. After he completed missionary trips in third world countries such as Columbia, South Africa, Haiti, and Mexico, Lee’s expertise in agriculture and gardening became very useful. He was approached to help train his fellow missionaries on how to create sustainable food sources. That’s when he figured out that gardening can be complicated and doesn’t come easy for most people. So he began thinking of ways to make it easier. It turns out there is a lot involved in gardening, especially in third world countries that don’t often have a lot of resources available to offer, not to mention sometimes not having the most hospitable of growing environments either. So the big question Lee asked himself was, “How can I make sure that people who have no prior gardening knowledge, surrounded by limited resources and put in some of the most inhabitable growing environments on the planet, can create a sustainable food source?”, his answer, of course, is now known as H2grOw.

After partnering with his employers, the Gardinier brothers, they all decided that the H2grOw product, because of its ease of use and affordability, could inspire a new generation of gardeners. Their bet was that in today’s busy world of smart technology, tablets, computers, and social media that H2grOw might help people also embrace that other part of being human, the part that yearns to connect with nature and find tranquility even for just a moment…

But H2grOw is not trying to replace technology; instead they are embracing it. H2grOw is strictly sold on-line except for a handful of local retailers spread throughout Florida. They have built a complete Ecommerce platform complete with an army of publishers known as affiliates who get paid a commission to promote and sell H2grOw on the web, they are constantly building their social media presence especially on Facebook and Pinterest, and are working with several on-line advertising venues. They are also planning on launching an H2grOw virtual grow game soon. Stephane, the middle brother of the Gardinier trio, along with Dan Hoffman, H2grOw’s Director of Strategic Planning, even attended the recent “Growth Hackers Conference” a digital marketing conference hosted in the Silicon Valley and attended by the teams from companies like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Dan, himself often proclaims, “True gardeners don’t buy H2grOw. They actually like to do all the work involved in gardening”. He also explains, ”H2grOw’ing is for the active people who want to enjoy their own veggies, get a sense of pride from their garden and still have all the time they need to go about their busy lives”. H2grOw has even partnered with an on-line seed company,, out of California to offer their H2grOw customers non-GMO Organic seeds.

Lee and the Gardinier brothers know that in today’s world people are busy but they are betting that with a product like theirs, which does all the work for you, this holiday season every household will soon be growing, H2grOw’ing!

Contact: Dan Hoffman
Phone 888-804-5444
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Lakewood Ranch, FL 34240