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Missouri Mortgage Company Homestead Financial Mortgage Changes Its Name to Granny 8 Mortgage


St. Louis, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/18/2012 -- When it comes to saving money on mortgages, a lot of homeowners-to-be ask their family members for advice. After all, many of these relatives have “been there/done that” in terms of buying a home, and are often more than happy to offer their words of wisdom in a friendly way on how to get a great mortgage interest rate.

The staff at Homestead Financial Mortgage understands that their customers often feel more comfortable getting advice on mortgages from trusted family members. That is why the Missouri mortgage company has been so successful with “Granny,” a friendly but frank “mortgage advisor.”

Granny’s catchy jingle and candid advice has made her a stand out in local television and radio advertising – so much so that the company recently changed its name to Granny 8 Mortgage. The number “8” is in reference to a statement on the St. Louis company’s website that assures customers looking for a mortgage in Missouri as well as Illinois, Kansas, and Indiana that they are only eight questions away from a great rate.

Granny is cute, candid and conscientious with “her kids” about saving money with outstanding mortgage rates and low costs. Her down-to-earth and helpful advice, delivered in a feisty style all her own, has helped make this animated spokeswoman a huge hit with everyone who sees her.

As an article on the Kansas mortgage company noted, the staff at Granny 8 is dedicated to helping its customers find the best financing options that are available.

“We have a committed team of loan specialists who provide mortgage loan services for new home buyers and established home owners in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas, and Indiana” the article said, adding that the company can find a variety of other financial solutions for its customers, including helping to obtain a debt consolidation loan, explore mortgage refinancing options and get the money for home improvement projects.

“We're excited to help you secure the best mortgage loan and rate for your new home. We're dedicated to find your best financing options.”

For people who are looking for a mortgage Missouri area Granny 8 Mortgage is ready, willing and able to help—just like Granny herself!

About Granny 8 Mortgage
Since 1998, Homestead Financial Mortgage, a St. Louis owned and operated company, has offered its customers a variety of mortgage loan services for new and established home buyers in Missouri, Illinois and Kansas. Due to popular demand, the company recently changed its name to Granny 8 Mortgage, in reference to “Granny,” a friendly and feisty animated “mortgage advisor” who offers helpful financial advice both on the website and in commercials. For more information, please visit http://www.granny8.com