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Missouri Researchers Reveal Resveratrol's Potential to Safeguard Eyesight


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/06/2016 -- Aging is a phase of life that not everyone is given the opportunity to reach and enjoy. While it is a sign of longevity, it also comes with a variety of health problems, such those that affect the eyes.

Missouri researchers reveal resveratrol's potential to safeguard eyesight. Individuals who are more than 65 years old should make sure that they have dilated eye exams every year. This eye care exam allows the optometrist or ophthalmologist to see if there are symptoms of eye disease.

Experts recommend that individuals who suffer from symptoms such as flashes of light, eye pain, blurry vision, double vision, or swelling or redness of the eye should see an eye care professional.

There are measures sufferers can take to protect their eyes such as wearing sunglasses that have the ability to block ultraviolet radiation. There are also healthy habits to practice such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating foods with the highest nutritional values, and avoiding cigarette smoke.

There are symptoms that can indicate the occurrence of eye problems such as presbyopia or the gradual loss of ability to see close objects. Individuals who undergo the aging process may have floaters or cobwebs that float across their vision.

Tearing also takes place when the eyes are too sensitive to wind, light, or temperature changes. There can also be eyelid problems, which usually results from various conditions such as blepharitis.

Individuals who suffer from eyesight problems due to aging process may take resveratrol supplements. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant believed to offer a range of health benefits.

In the study conducted by the Missouri researchers, it was found that resveratrol has the potential to reverse vision loss associated with the aging process.

According to the researchers, resveratrol could regulate angiogenesis, and thus, it could prevent the irregular growth of blood vessels that are detrimental to eyesight health. They may consume foods and beverages that have abundant levels of resveratrol such as peanuts, grapeseed, and red wine.

One of the best things about using resveratrol is that this natural remedy is also believed to offer a range of health benefits. Like other antioxidants, resveratrol has the potential to reduce the risk of a wide variety of medical conditions.

Resveratrol has long been believed to have the ability to combat the common signs of aging. There are many resveratrol supplements available nowadays, and some of the best ones contain extracts of Acai fruit, green tea, grape seed, and red wine (

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