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MI&T Expands to Offer Mold Inspection Minneapolis Services Throughout Minnesota


Minneapolis, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2012 -- Now offering mold inspection Minneapolis, MI&T recently expanded to provide mold testing and inspection services to all of Minneapolis, MN and its surrounding areas. MI&T is the nation’s largest and most trusted test only company. With the company’s latest expansion, residents and businesses in need of a Minneapolis mold inspection can utilize the unsurpassed services offered by MI&T to assess the impact of mold on their indoor environments.

While some types of mold are considered to be relatively harmless to a person’s health, there are many species of mold that can be toxic. People exposed to harmful mold spores can experience a number of health issues, including allergies, infections, infertility, headaches, liver or kidney damage, blurry vision, nausea, skin irritation, fevers and even brain damage.

But before a person hires a mold removal company to come to their place of business or home, it is essential that they have a top quality Minneapolis mold testing company assess what is really needed.

As a test only company, MI&T specializes in offering unbiased mold testing Minneapolis to help customers evaluate whether or not mold is present and how it is affecting their indoor environment.

MI&T says by spending a little bit of extra money in the beginning with a mold inspection, people can potentially avoid much larger fees and costs in the future.

According to MI&T, “By calling us first rather than a mold removal company, you avoid the possibility of a dishonest assessment in order to get more expensive mold remediation work. Our report will make sure the least amount of work is done while making sure all the necessary steps are being taken to get your indoor environment back to normal the first time, every time.”

To perform mold testing Minneapolis, MI&T collects air and surface samples from the suspected affected area or areas. These samples can indicate whether the mold spore levels are normal or elevated and can even show the species of mold that is present, allowing MI&T to make a proper assessment.

For more information on mold inspection Minneapolis and the testing services offered by MI&T, visit http://www.moldinspectionandtesting.com/minneapolis-mn/

About MI&T
Offering nationwide mold inspection and testing, MI&T is the largest and most trusted test only company in the nation. The company specializes in unbiased mold inspections for people concerned mold growth is negatively impacting their indoor environment. MI&T takes no part in the mold removal process. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 612-399-9001.