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MI&T Now Offering Mold Inspection Milwaukee and Mold Testing Services to the Surrounding Areas


Milwaukee, WI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/21/2012 -- From leaky water heaters to clogged dryer vents, there are a number of potential hazards lurking in the homes Americans everywhere. But non may be quite as dangerous as the growth of toxic mold spores.

Mold can negatively impact a person’s indoor air quality in a variety of ways, causing them significant health issues and leaving a foul odor, unsightly markings on walls and more.

However, prior to seeking out the assistance of a mold removal company, mold inspection and mold testing company, MI&T, suggests customers should utilize their high quality mold inspection Milwaukee services to evaluate the environment for mold levels and types.

According to MI&T, “The fact is that the people who do mold removal specialize in just that, removing mold. They do not have the same experience and necessary equipment as we do when it comes to finding mold hiding in your home or business. Even if they did, it is important to get your inspection and testing done by someone other than the person doing the removal.”

Featuring Milwaukee mold inspection, MI&T recently announced their expansion of services to cover all of Milwaukee, WI and the surrounding areas. Providing unbiased evaluations and analyses of customers’ indoor environments, MI&T is the largest and most trusted test only company in the nation. The company takes no part in the mold removal process, further ensuring customers are receiving a truly impartial assessment.

In addition to offering initial mold testing Milwaukee, MI&T also provides post remediation assessments to ensure a homeowner or business’ mold has been completely removed from the source and that there are no lingering mold spores in the air.

Throughout a Milwaukee mold testing session, MI&T conducts a visual inspection and utilizes a CO2 meter, a moisture meter and a thermal imaging camera to discover any irregularities in the air quality and environment. This testing allows MI&T to evaluate if more in-depth testing is necessary and provides them with the details on the types of mold present.

For more information about mold inspection Milwaukee, or to schedule an appointment, visit http://www.moldinspectionandtesting.com/milwaukee-wi/

About MI&T
Offering nationwide mold inspection and testing, MI&T is the largest and most trusted test only company in the nation. The company specializes in unbiased mold inspections for people concerned mold growth is negatively impacting their indoor environment. MI&T takes no part in the mold removal process. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 414-939-5969.