Study Suggests Software Use by Mitt Romney During Paul Ryan Choice

A recent study reveals likely software technology central to former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney's discussions and decision on Representative Paul Ryan as his choice for vice president.


Richardson, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2012 -- One recent study suggests that Mitt Romney, or members of his team, may have used specific software to help select U.S. Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin as his vice presidential running mate.

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According to Ms. Chen, Microsoft Excel can be used to track budgets, plan projects, create address books, and manage calendars among other practical purposes.

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Ms. Chen noted that former Governor Mitt Romney's team may have used the Microsoft Excel software to create and manage his list of vice presidential running mates before making his announcement.

"Of course, I understand that he met with a number of potential partners. With the remarkable qualifications that I assume each of them had, it only makes sense that former Governor Romney would have paid careful attention to detail," said Ms. Chen.

Also according to Ms. Chen, another likely software used by former Governor Romney or his staff is Microsoft Word.

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Ms. Chen elaborated, "Obviously, once a decision has been made, it often needs to be communicated. Microsoft Word, for many of us, is the easiest way to prepare a letter and convey our ideas. In fact, Word may have been the software program used to formally offer Congressman Ryan this opportunity to become the next vice president."

Ms. Chen admitted, "I know that if I had to make an important decision that affected my career, I would definitely want to gather and organize facts and any opinions I held about them. Then I would likely need to communicate my discovery. Knowing the power of Microsoft Excel and how easy it is to organize and compare any kind of information with it, I would turn to it and Microsoft Word first."

Though Ms. Chen did not express any political opinions, she explained that more information about how to use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word can be found on the website.

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