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Mixing and Matching of Voltage and Resistances: A Better Vaping Experience for Electronic Cigarette Users

For a more unique experience in the use of electronic cigarettes, there has to be a good mix of different resistance accessories with the different voltages.


Ottawa, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- The proliferation of the use of electronic cigarettes has given birth to a lot of options. From atomizers, bottom or top feeding accessories, clearomizers, e-liquid flavors and strengths, the options have gone beyond having “low resistance” and “variable voltage” devices.

Though electronic cigarettes are designed with optimal voltage and resistances, and that using a variable voltage battery is not necessary, a number of users still find additional value in terms of experience in having these options.

What are these options and how fascinating are they with electronic cigarette users?

Variable Voltage. Having an electronic cigarette battery that has a variable voltage has an adjustable power that the battery sends to its accessories (accessories are anything attached to the battery like the atomizer, clearomizer, glassomizer, etc.). Using the spinner batteries (spinning of the dial) or EVic batteries (clicking of a button), the current of the electronic cigarettes can be made powerful or less powerful which ranges from 3v to 6v. Increasing the battery voltage increases the power going to the ecigarette accessory, thus increasing the heating component amount of the device. The hotter the device would be, the warmer vapor it produces. Adjusting the voltage improves the performance of the device but it poses its hazards as well. The normal voltage of an electronic cigarette is at 3.7v and anything beyond that is already dangerous aside from the burnt taste that will result from too much heat. Using higher voltage also increases the need to be charged more regularly and the accessory will also have a shorter lifespan.

Using slightly lower voltages works better based on experiences of electronic cigarette users. Startling low and increasing the voltage slowly until one finds the sweet spot for the accessory always works best.

Variable Resistance. Variable resistance is the amount of electricity in an ecigarette accessory. A lower resistance produces more heat as more electricity from the battery can pass through it. Accessories with variable resistances are marketed in three categories: low resistance, standard resistance, and high resistance. And as opposed what other people think about ecigarettes resistances, hotter devices are produced from low resistance as it requires less electricity to pass through them.

Combination of Variable Voltage and Variable Resistance

For a more unique experience in the use of electronic cigarettes, there has to be a good mix of different resistance accessories with the different voltages. Vaping experience would all depend on how high or low you combine voltage with resistance.

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