MixUpper.com Gets Numerous Hits for Its Fashion Trends Articles on Social Networking Websites


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- MixUpper.com, a lifestyle blog dedicated in providing latest fashion, tech, art and music news and happenings, has recently gained many hits in social networking websites for the various latest fashion trends it has shared. The blog has insightful articles which not only keep the visitors updated on latest news, but also provide discussions on the happenings.

The blog is focused in providing details of latest fashion trends that are popularly demanded throughout the world. Apart from multiple pictures of the products, the blog also has videos displaying full collections of certain brands alongside the articles.

Even though the blog has initially gained attention for sharing fashion trends, there is a certain possibility that its tech and music articles will soon follow as well. The current database of fashion and accessories is far greater than the tech and music ones, which is probably one of reasons for its prominence first. Each article is of top-notch quality on MixUpper.com and is based on current gossip in the industry.

Another major aspect of the lifestyle blog is that it is on top of things very quickly and provides latest news even before certain major online news providers. For example the date of the iPhone 5s unveiling and Google testing of Wi-Fi balloons in California, both were published on the site immediately after the official announcement which shows the blog’s dedication in putting out news first.

Many visitors of the site have stated that every article is worth a read at least once and the fashion trends has helped them get ideas for their own wardrobe. Certain visitors have even stated that everything on the blog is ‘cool’ and can make an individual ‘look cool’.

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MixUpper.com is one of the leading lifestyle blogs which shares fashion, tech, art and music news and happenings. Through the online platform, http://www.mixupper.com/, the various articles on fashion trends, gadget launches, music album releases and other related news can be viewed. MixUpper.com has gained immense praise for the insights that its articles offer and provision of frequent updates.

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