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Mizani & Noscrunchie's Reveals 6 Steps to the Best Salon Experience


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/24/2015 -- According to Mizani and Noscrunchie ideology, the secret to success for every salon in the world is to make their customers feel happy and satisfied. Here are six steps to ensure clients leave the salon content.

When a customer approaches a beauty salon to schedule an appointment, they do not intend to spend more than a few minutes. Therefore, a quick system needs to be established to book sessions. It is quite likely that the client will ask details during this time. So, the salon personnel should know the services being offered, who will handle the session and what it costs.

Punctuality and Hospitality are important in the beauty business. When the customer arrives at the salon, the staff should welcome them and make them comfortable. Since most salons work on a tight schedule, the workers are required to work quickly to begin and end appointments on the clock.

More often than not, customers have a general idea of what they are looking for but find it hard to put it into words. An experienced team usually understands what the customer wants and turns their thoughts into designs. Similarly, clients also expect qualified stylists to give their own feedback on the styles chosen and whether or not they will work. To reach mutual ground, clients can be given visual cues that help them decide.

The ultimate salon experience makes clients feel pampered and well cared for. Salon time for women is their "me time" and during the styling process, they expect to relax and let loose. Thus, one must constantly ask customers for involved components. Would they like a massage? Would they prefer hot water or cold?

Also, keep the backwash area away from the reception so clients are not pushed out of their relaxed revere every time the door opens.

Communication is the key to successful client gratification. Subtle hints can be dropped to encourage clients to speak their minds about their hairstyle. Accept their feedback, whether negative or positive and improve accordingly. Frequently, customers would look for tips on how to care for their new look.

It is the responsibility of the staff to make the customers feel that their money was well spent. If that happens, clients are bound to book a second trip soon.

At the end of the appointment, before the customer leaves, encourage them to review the salon.

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