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MK Diamond Australia Announces Complete Selection of Diamond Blades and Concrete Cutters for Industrial and Commercial Use


Preston, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/30/2014 -- Grant Joyner, managing director of MK Diamond Australia, announced that the firm specializes in a complete range of diamond cutting blades and concrete cutters for industrial, construction, and fire and rescue professionals. The company provides grinding and polishing tools for all applications, core drills and machinery.

MK Diamond Australia is a world leader in diamond tools and concrete saws for a wide variety of industries where tough tools and superior cutting edges are required. From diamond saw blades and diamond chainsaws to blades used in fire and rescue operations, MK Diamond Australia name has become synonymous with precision tools. The company is recognized as a leading world supplier of diamond blades.

A diamond blade provides better efficiency and greater precision when cutting. The company offers general purpose and specialty blades for demolition and construction needs, and hand and power tools. MK Diamond Australia’s TPX Diamond Blade is constructed with a newly developed bond for a blade that works with multiple materials, including asphalt, brick, bluestone and pavers.

MK Diamond Australia offers the SawShark line of diamond chainsaws for exacting jobs and conditions. The technology offers a metallurgical solution and aggressive design for the toughest jobs. Clients have the option of creating their own custom chain to accommodate a variety of individual needs.

When a life hangs in the balance, police, fire and rescue professionals rely on the diamond blade technology of MK Diamond Australia. The firm offers the Fire Tiger Tooth multi-purpose blade developed to cut through materials ranging from dry wall to stainless steel quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

Created with the company’s Vacuum Brazed technology, blades for fire and rescue work are heat resistant and can be used with saws and grinders. The Fire Tiger Tooth blade rated highest among all those tested and evaluated by Texas A&M Engineering and the Texas Transportation Institute in the U.S.

MK Diamond Australia also offers a large range of powerful concrete saws for the construction and demolition industry. Concrete saws are available that are powered by gas, hydraulics, electric and pneumatic pressure. Concrete cutters are compatible with a wide range of the company’s diamond cutting blades for a professional finish.

About MK Diamond
As a leading provider of professional diamond tools, blades and concrete cutting equipment, MK Diamond Australia has gained a worldwide reputation for offering the largest variety of quality blades and saws for commercial, industrial, construction, and fire and rescue work. The firm’s inventory encompasses offerings to accommodate an extensive range of budgetary requirements, allowing any industry to benefit from the company’s diamond products.

Located at 3C Kia Court in Preston, Australia, the firm can be reached by phone at 1300 657 296. For more information, visit the website at

Grant Joyner
Managing Director
MK Diamond Australia
Phone: 1300 657 296