Joe Bragg

MLMMUJEEB Publishes 3 New and Bizarre Ways to Exponentially Increase Customer Lifetime Value

MLMMUJEEB has created a new editorial featuring the three strangest ways they have discovered to addict shoppers to an online outlet, ensuring they come back again and again.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/29/2014 -- There are hundreds of well known marketing tricks to get people coming back for more, from Apple’s patented incremental increases in which they advance technology in small steps to maximize the value of individual facets to the more sinister planned obsolescence that guarantees users will need new products down the line. However, marketing in the 21st century is less about the products and more about the interactions that lead to the purchase, and MLMMUJEEB have created a blog for Empower Network affiliate marketers to share new insights on unusual ways to retain traffic.

The website features a plethora of insightful editorials about how to make money blogging online, as well as how to make money from home online in a myriad of ways. Making money from home is one of the most common dreams of people in the modern era, and the Empower Network helps them come true. MLMMUJEEB itself generates six figures a month for its editors, demonstrating acutely that their systems work.

The new article shares three of the strangest ways they have found to hook audience members and compel them to keep coming back. These are not the obvious choices, like creating valuable content regularly or having high perceived authority within a niche, but rather behavioral engagements that ‘program’ responses into customers.

A spokesperson for MLMMUJEEB explained, “The latest article allows us to share cutting edge developments from our own research and contributions from users who have discovered these unusual hacks while working on their own projects. We are nothing if not a community, and we welcome insights from those who support us, and integrate these with our own learning and insight to optimize them for general distribution, so people of all levels of experience can take advantage of these great tips. These advanced strategies are only a hint at what the Empower Network has offered me and other successful marketers, they truly turn newbies into profit machines very quickly.”

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