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MMOCAKE Release the Ultimate AION Kinah Farming Guide


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/22/2014 -- Many gamers have played AION and loved it exceedingly. Some of them have gone to name it as the best game in Korea and it has received many awards. Although it has received several criticisms due to its old graphics, many have praised it saying that it has outdone the graphics hitch by it awesome game play and the great armorization. However many gamer have had it rough in farming kinah and hence, below are mmocake’s guides that can lead you to playing an awesome game such as is in the AION Kinah farming guide.

Right craft

Whenever it comes to selecting the aircraft, you should select one that is able to serve all periods. Many gamers while approaching level 50 will notice that Alchemy becomes well known to them than before. Choosing the right craft is hence an effective way in saving.

Personal store function

Using the aion store function wisely can be a great way to farm greatly. This is because the private store is an exclusive and very impressive way that offers you with designed stuff, veggies or even doldrums and usual stuff that you can acquire by searching.

Buying and promoting broker

One simple yet effective way is to buy a business broker. The trade agent is the comparative of Ah and hence a useful resource when creating revenue on your stuff. Because of the 8 periods gained per list and the fact that it will price you to fill the products up in the agent.

Other ways to earn Kinah

Other than the above-mentioned ways, other ways such as looting everything you find from slaying the enemies, collecting as much material as possible, selling stuff that you do not need such as junk items for instance creep items. Additionally, you can set stores near bushy places. This way, it is possible to sell the stuff you have for what you want.

However, some of the things that you should not do include throwing material; it is more advisable to keep the weapons since they are worthy. This applies also to the armor, which is of value too. Also do not sell greens or items that are colored to NPCs, you should list those at brokers or either sell to people in chat channels.

Hence as seen above through simple technique, you can be able to make as much kinah as you require going on with your next level.

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