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Mobi Mavens Helps Boost Customer Engagement via Its SMS Marketing Services

Mobi Mavens Now Offers Instantly Engaging and Extremely Affordable Text Messaging Services to Increase Brand Awareness for Businesses of All Sizes!


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/13/2013 -- When it comes to instantly getting the word out there about a particular brand or business, nothing does it better than a text message is a company dedicated to carrying out text message marketing campaigns for both, large and small businesses alike.

The company recently announced the launch of their brand new SMS marketing product for the promotion of businesses of all sizes. The newly developed software allows businesses to unleash the power of text message marketing in their marketing campaigns with ease and affordability.

While speaking to the press, Mobi Maven’s CEO, Peter Fitzer expressed his excitement by saying, “As you know we have been in the field of promoting businesses through text messaging campaigns for some time now. It’s with great pleasure that we are announcing our newly designed text message marketing products for the public. The products and services that Mobi Mavens provides are specifically designed with a single goal; draw in customers by enabling brands to get noticed, consequently increasing opt-ins and sending subsequent offers and alerts. ”

He said, “Mobi Mavens was created with the sole purpose to serve the public with extremely efficient and affordable text message marketing products that are worthy of our clients in this digital age. We are continually developing even more robust techniques when it comes to text message marketing services, and are gearing to expand our reach to many different industries.”

He further stated, “Using our advanced text message marketing servicesand innovative ideas, companies are now able to bring their mobile marketing campaigns to life r, rather than only utilizing social media for the promotion of their business. Our text message marketing services are reliable which enables businesses to increase their response rates and get a return on their investment.”

He concluded by saying, “ allows businesses to create unique keywords that enable businesses to capture leads and keep track of their text message marketing campaign. Although there are others who provide SMS marketing services, what makes Mobi Mavens unique is our ability to adapt to new trends and design text message marketing campaigns that work across multiple wireless carriers and platforms.”

If your business is looking for an unlimited amount of keywords or a free local phone number, no problem! Mobi Mavens has you covered with the best text message marketing campaigns imaginable. Check out their interactive website and get an instant quote, and don’t forget to check out all of the other text message marketing packages on offer.

About Mobi Mavens
Mobi Mavensis an industry leader when it comes to text message marketing campaigns. The L.A based SMS campaign manager assists businesses, brands and companies in their text message marketing endeavors. Mobi Mavens was set up by a group of professionals who are experts in building and managing text message marketing campaigns. The services which they provide does not only enable businesses toinstantly deliver thousands of messages to hand-held devices via their group messaging and bulk message services, but alsohelpskeep track of the results and manage contact listswith the use of metrics.

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