Mobi Snap Sites Launches Two Mobile Sites for the Price of One Offer

The mobile web development specialist is making a special offer on mobile website construction to help businesses recover lost business.


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/08/2013 -- With the release of 4G and more powerful smartphones, more and more people are using their phone as a portal to access an ever larger proportion of their information, including Google searches and product websites. However, some businesses do not have a mobile optimized website, causing visitors to have to pan and scan information that doesn’t fit their screen or is not readable at scale. This lack of optimization by businesses costs them revenue with consumers spending their dollars with mobile optimized sites. Mobi Snap Sites has a special offer on mobile websites so that businesses who do not yet have this capability can stop losing customers as soon as possible.

Mobi Snap Sites asks that clients first register their domains and provide content, usually a summarised form of the main website content, before it will create for the business a five page mobile site with the most important information for converting visitors into customers, without changing the brand identity of the company in any way.

Mobile Websites by Mobi Snap can then be used as the default site for all visitors accessing a website via a mobile device, with an option to click through to the full site, meaning there is no disadvantage in terms of content while seeing a huge increase in usability This means visitors are not frustrated by trying to find information, this enhanced user experience has been proven to increase revenues.

A spokesperson for Mobi Snap Sites explained, “Three out of five people search for local businesses via mobile and not having a mobile optimized website can make the difference between individuals choosing that business or a competitor that does have a mobile site. The frustration felt by mobile users does directly impact how they perceive the brand of the business they tried to access, especially as more and more businesses are getting on board with mobile sites. However most businesses don’t know how to create a mobile site or they have been quoted an astronomical price. Do to our focus on mobile sites we can create stunning sites at a reasonable price and our new deal means no business has an excuse not to get mobilized today!

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